Upwork: Freelance Platform Productivity Tips

Upwork is a marketplace that allows freelancers in a variety of fields to connect with businesses that need their services. In total Upwork has a membership of 12 million individuals who are registered freelance professionals through their platform. The corporation manages to create $1 billion in business transactions between businesses and freelance professionals each year. They are based in California and were first created after the reorganization of their parent company in 2015. Today they operate as one of the largest freelance platforms on the Internet as well as produce a blog which gives out tips on how to best stay productive.

To-do lists are one of the most powerful tools that an individual can use in order to enhance their personal productivity. This is all dependent upon the individual’s ability to use the to-do list effectively, however. It is very common for an individual to create a to-do list and then completely disregard everything on it. There are some techniques that you can use in order to make use of your to-do list better.

You should make sure that whenever you are creating a to-do list that you are creating one that is organized. By making an organized to-do list, it is much easier to follow through on completing the tasks. A few potential ways that you may organize your task list would be organizing by the energy level required, by the time commitment required, and by the priority level of the tasks on the list. You can make use of a combination of these techniques and can take advantage of your peak energy levels by completing high energy high priority level tasks during those time periods.

Whenever you first create a to-do list, you should do it in advance and also make one that is as comprehensive as possible. Whenever you wake up in the morning, you can then reevaluate the items that are on your list and begin to tackle the ones that you feel are most important. Throughout the day you can eliminate items that you perceive as a low value and delegate the remaining tasks more effectively.

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