Kenneth Goodrich Donates to the Homeless of Arizona

Kenneth Goodrich, the chief executive officer of The Sunny Plumber and Goettl Air Conditioning, last summer donated water to the Phoenix Rescue Mission in order to help the homeless.

The weather of Arizona is brutal, especially in the summer. This is why most Arizonians spend their days indoors during extreme temperatures. But unfortunately, the homeless of this state do not have the luxury of being able to stay indoors at all times. So they have no choice but to deal with the heat and try to survive. According to the Arizona of Health Services, more than 2,000 Arizonians are hospitalized every year to heat related diseases.

Goettl Air Conditioning and The Sunny Plumber donated at least 10,000 water bottles to the Phoenix Rescue Mission. In exchange, the Phoenix Rescue Mission will distribute the water to local shelters and homeless people at the streets. According to Sue Gaub, a member of the Phoenix Rescue Mission, he contacted Goodrich as soon as the temperature from Arizona started getting worst. Gaub was happy with the amount of water donated. The institution will also distribute the items to ministries from Phoenix.

Goodrich (from Goettl), who deeply believes in corporate social responsibility, was glad that he could help. According to the chief executive officer, it is his mission to help Americans across the country whether through his products, services or donations. The Sunny Plumber and Goettl Air Conditioning also help the Phoenix Rescue Mission every year. Goodrich has been doing this for almost four years and will continue.

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