Education Secretary Betsy Devos

Betsy Devos and her husband Dick are not known as the type of people who like to get involved in national politics. Throughout their lives, they have been more willing to work behind the scenes, spending their money on the causes that are most important to them in the places that matter the most. It’s one of the reasons why their foundation has invested so much money into the revitalization of downtown Grand Rapids. With the elevation of Betsy to the role of Secretary of Education, though, the Devos family has been thrust into the national spotlight. While it might not be a comfortable role for Betsy, she has learned to handle it well.


The people who know Betsy Devos the best would have never predicted that she would find herself in Washington. She never liked to put up with the political red tape that one has to put up with to get things done in that city. Still, those who have known her for many years would have guessed that she would be working on educational policy. After all, this is where her passion has been for decades.


The story for Devos started in Michigan when she tried to find an appropriate school for her children. She heard the stories from people around her who could not find a suitable option despite looking for months. As she looked at the public and private school options close to home, she realized that for people who did not have access to resources like she did, it was almost impossible to find a good option. She heard their stories and watched as they struggled. Those parents would end up sending their children to schools that were not equipped to provide the kind of education kids need to get ahead in the 21st century. This struck Devos as deeply unfair. From there, she’s worked hard to bring about change.


Her elevation to the Secretary role has allowed her to champion school choice and academic freedom around the country. From Louisiana to Michigan and beyond, she has had a chance to talk about vouchers and other initiatives that might provide parents with more options when they seek to help their children. While her efforts are just beginning, they are off to a good start. Many more people have gotten behind school choice as a means of curing the problems that exist in the American educational system today.


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Spotlight On George Soros Rising Again and Capitalist Threat

George Soros, a renowned billionaire investor made his comeback in the world of funding political parties in 2016. He supported the Democrats in 2016 after a long hiatus since the last time he made huge donations in 2004 in the region of $27 million as he rooted for the removal of George W. Bush. Mr. Soros committed or donated over $25 million towards boosting the candidature of Hillary Clinton as well as other causes and candidates in the Democratic camp. It was expected that the billionaire investor would spend even more as the 2016 election approached.

Why Was Soros More Politically Engaged than Before?

People close to the billionaire stated that he was so much engaged in politics in 2016 than ever before due to a number of factors. The first probable factor was the fear that he had of Hillary Clinton’s opponent for the presidency, Donald Trump. Mr. Soros had stated that Mr. Trump was acting just like ISIS due to stoking fears. The Hungarian-born billionaire also had a lot of faith in Hillary Clinton clinching the presidency. George Soros established the Open Society Foundations.

Michael Vachon, the billionaire’s political adviser stated that his boss had been a consistent donor to a number of democratic causes. However, the stakes in 2016 were much higher due to the hostility that Trump and the Republicans had for things that Soros holds close to his heart. This included criminal justice reform, religious tolerance and immigration reform. Soros involvement in Hillary Clinton’s campaigns was seen as a massive boost to her chances of clinching the presidency while also acting as a catalyst to more rich activists funding her campaigns.

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Capitalist Threat

George Soros addressed the issue of the threat posed by a capitalist on the society. Mr. Soros believes that the spread of market and laissez-faire capitalism values in all aspects of life poses a huge threat on both the democratic and open society. He opined that the open society is more at threat from the capitalist threat rather than the communist. In his quest to find out the reason why nobody had gotten access to the definitive truth, he realized that the answer was pretty much straight forward. People live in the same world that they try so hard to understand and their perceptions are influenced by the events they take part in. Soros believes that if the thoughts of people would belong to a single universe and their corresponding subject matter to another one altogether, then maybe the truth could be within grasp. These conditions only prevail in natural science as in other parts of human effort; this relationship between facts and statements is usually less clear-cut. Read this story at about George Soros.

Soros believes that there is a feedback mechanism that features a two-way connection i.e events and thinking. Soros refers this to as reflexivity, which he used to come up with a history theory. This theory has proven helpful to him especially in the financial markets.

Adam Milstein: Anti-Semitism Ends in Israel

Adam Milstein is a respected philanthropist and businessman from the United States. Adam is also the founder of several organizations that supports the Israeli communities. Adam has spent most of his life in his home country, and this means that he understand the history of the communities living there.

In a recent publishing, the successful businessman says that Judaism and Christianity are two branches of one family tree. These two religions are built on the teachings of Jesus Christ, a Jew who lived in the country several years ago. These two groups have also been sharing the Old Testament set of values for a long time. The communities have respect for human life, but they have always had some differences. Dispute the commonalities shared by the communities, the historical relationship between them has not been perfect in the past. These groups have had lots of tragedies, prejudice, conflicts and persecution.

According to Adam Milstein, many parts of the Christian communities were not accepting the Jews in the country. The Jews were believed to be behind the death of many Christian maladies and Jesus Christ. In most of the Christian lands in the state, the Jews had a rough time. They were often subject to violence, prejudicial restrictions, and other harsh treatments.

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Adam Milstein says that the relationship of these communities took a different turn in the twentieth century. These communities started accepting each other. The leaders in both communities started teaching their followers to respect each other. The Christian leaders asked their supporters to apologize to the Jews because of how they treated them in the past. The church was deep rooted in anti-Semitism. The church has now embraced the Jewish community as their own.

The past decades have witnessed a great bond of brotherhood, and this has benefited both communities. However, the biggest challenge facing the Christians and Jews over the years has been complete healing which keeps dividing the religions. This healing cannot be achieved by gestures and words alone. Activists like Adam Milstein says that joint action is the only way to solve this significant problem. Without this, it will be difficult for these communities to live in harmony.

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What It Will Take to Make America Great

We hear a lot of talk in the news by pundits and various other fools of how to fix our wretched economic and social ills. Albert Einstein once observed that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results. Dick DeVos believes the heart of the matter is a rejection of moral character by the current generation. In the past, men knew it was their part to lead and care for their families. They bore the brunt of the money earning and leadership of our nation. Today, men are slouched over in chairs at the local bar and video game store. Psychotherapists talk of extending the concept of “adolescence” into the early 30’s. Women graduate more frequently from higher educational institutions than men. The general trend has been toward destruction of the manly virtues. And the natural results are evident. Millions of children born out of wedlock. Millions of disproportionately minority and youthful criminals are getting locked up in our vast and corrupt “justice” system.


Dick DeVos outlines some of the major virtues of those who buck the depressing herd to make it big. Compassion, fairness, honesty, humility, moral courage, self- discipline, and thoughtfulness are the 7 virtues that top his list, and sadly they rarely appear in the priorities of American youth of today. The reason, if we are honest, is an almost universal shirking of the responsibility of parenting by parents. Parents have sat on their hands when it comes to discipline, and outsourced their authority to faceless bureaucrats who have far less concern for the moral development of their children. Dick DeVos believes that part of the fundamental reshaping of America must begin with fixing our corrupt education system. Children cannot be selfishly flattered into oblivion. There must be painful encouragements to get on the path of success. Teaching the value of money management, respect, and hard work need to be placed on the front burner of school curriculum.


The average classroom is full of tired teachers who are aching for a raise in their union contract. The typical teacher has little concern for each individual they teach. They have a ton of concern for the security of their job with the public school system. This is why, despite Dick DeVos‘ efforts to reform Michigan’s charter schools, many attempts have fallen flat. Large bureaucratic honchos rise up and squeal when scissors are brought near the sacred contracts that keep the students groveling to mindless institutions that have no concern for actual character of their participants. Dick DeVos is hoping that his efforts and those of other big influences can stem the tide of failure that has hindered our nation for the past several decades.



The Success of Dick DeVos

Among the hundreds of wealthy and well known families in the United States, one of the most well respected families is the DeVos family. The DeVos family is specifically known for their success with creating Amway Corporation, a consumer goods distributing company. Among the many family members of this prestigious family is Dick DeVos, a proud member of the family who has helped build the family legacy with his decades of involvement with the family business. Dick DeVos’ success even earned him a prime spot of the Forbes’ list of richest individuals in the world. Dick DeVos earned this sport with a total network that is estimated to be around 5.1 billions dollars and is still growing with his success.

Dick DeVos has been involved in the family business ever since he was a child. Some of Dick DeVos’ fondest memories involve him in the basement of his family’s home which, at the time, served as the office space for the family’s growing company. With a multi billion dollar net worth, Dick DeVos can feel proud of his accomplishment with his father’s company. Eventually, after receiving a formal education that was complete with a degree in business management, Dick DeVos had the mission of continuing his father’s work within the company. Eventually, in 1993, Dick DeVos even served as the CEO of the company until 2002 when he left the company to pursue other interests.

Dick DeVos, with his success from hard work, donates much of his income to charities and other organizations. Mr. DeVos and his wife believe that the wealth that they earn at the company should not be kept and spent for self indulgences, but should be instead invested to help build the community. Dick DeVos and his wife are especially passionate about investing in the future through education reforms. By donating money to schools and scholarships, this is how Dick DeVos believes he can continue to improve his beloved community in Michigan.

As Dick DeVos spends more time with philanthropy, he has looked for a successor to continue his great work as a business manager and leader of his companies. In recent news, after much searching, Dick DeVos has found his successor to be Phil Dolci, an expert marketer who possesses expert leadership skills. Dick DeVos has always admired Phil Dolci and is excited to see what their newly formed partnership will bring with the years. to come.