Talkspace is Making Mental Health Care Accessible Like Never Before

According to a recent article on the Talkspace website, Ben learns he isn’t allowed to take any personal call during business hours at the place he recently started working, which is a strict government agency. Ben supervisor gives him a number that his family members could use on reaching him in case of an emergency.

That news instantly fills him with fear. Lisa, Ben’s daughter, has borderline personality disorder (BPD). She usually calls him several times every week, often while he is at work. An understanding and supportive father; Ben was always happy chatting with her daughter in his old office; there were no phone calls there.

Now he has to tell Lisa that their check-ins on mid-week are going to be less often and happen in the evening only. With noticeable hesitation, he gives the emergency number to her daughter. The following day her daughter dials the number during the lunch break of Ben.

Before Ben picked up the phone, he knows who the caller is what is happening, Lisa was okay; there was no crisis. He tries to suppress the anger in his voice, but her daughter could hear how he was upset. She just wanted to ensure he was going to pick up if something happens to her. Ben is frustrated. Ben shouted he was already fading under the light from a supervisor.

Talkspace is a company founded as well as staffed by people genuinely caring regarding making mental health care to be more accessible. Nowadays, there are not a lot of companies where people have invested a positive mission like that of Talkspace.

The team of Talkspace is led by individuals who understand what they are doing. The growth of the company has been constant. Talkspace has maintained the capability of speaking to as well as hearing. They value people’s feedback on the ground doing the daily work for you.