Sergio Cortes’s Career As MJ Impersonator

Three decades ago, Sergio Cortes was passionate about dramas and music clubs in high school. He was trying hard to participate in every opportunity he could get. In college, he was a Michael Jackson’s fan. His passion for music and dance kept him active, alert and able to take a giant leap after studies. Did he feel awesome with what he did? Certainly yes because he went on to become one of the most popular impersonators ever – the impersonator of Michael Jackson, the King of Pop world.

Sergio Cortes is known as Michael Jackson’s dub in the entertainment industry around the world. And according to his employer, he is the most in demand impersonator ever as well. Mimicking Michael Jackson’s dance moves was a hobby that grew into a full-time career for Sergio Cortes. His talent in music is growing in popularity like never before. In the past decade, his salary has doubled and he has been busy with his concerts and performances worldwide.

As a Michael Jackson’s impersonator, Sergio Cortes participates in a wide range of shows for a living – almost all his shows have become a hit and are available on some of his social media network profiles. His mother realized when Sergio decided to happily participate during high school years that his passion was kind of very well suited for him due to his appearance. Of course, as his passion grew, it’s not just his looks that paid off, but his personality traits that closely resembled that of Michael Jackson as well.

Sergio Cortes’s talents have appeal. After all, millions of people still like Michael Jackson for what he was and what he became. In fact, Sergio’s performances are a tribute to Michael Jackson. Most impersonators out there only fantasize about becoming popular like this, but for those who really attempt, there is a big benefit to earn. Sergio Cortes is a real inspiration for other impersonators to follow. His busy life and activities are the motivation for them to see the potential in this career. Sergio Cortes continues to do what he has been doing since thirty years. He keeps in touch with his fans on social media like Facebook and Twitter on a regular basis. Producers and directors of all sorts, from the highest paying employers to non-profit organizations, are asking for his time. In essence, Sergio Cortes has a great future ahead of him.

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