10 Incredible Panama Facts to Consider

Panama is diverse and beautiful place. It connects South with Central America on adrianjosevelasquezfigueroa.com. Some of the best beaches and weather make Panama their home. Here are 10 things about Panama:

1. The canal makes a third of the company’s money

The Panama Canal is famous for being over 80 kilometers long. It actually took over 15 years to build it, believe it or not. And it brings in a lot of cash for this country on Instagram. Over 15,000 boats flow through there every year.

2. U.S. and Canada don’t have as many birds

That’s right. Panama has more birds than U.S. and Canada combined. The biodiversity is what sets Panama apart. The lush surroundings make it prime for this.

3. U.S. Dollar

You might think Panama has its own currency. However, it does not. In fact, Panama uses the U.S. dollar for its official money.

4. Volcanic Town

There is actually a town located in a volcano in Panama. While the town of El Valle de Anton might seem dangerous, it is actually not going to erupt anytime soon.

5. It has the smallest population

In Central America, Panama has the title of fewest people. Only about 2.5 million people live there, which might seem surprising.

6. It used to be part of Colombia

Actually, there was something in the 1700’s when Spain conquered it called Gran Colombia. Eventually, this broke up. Originally though, it had Panama, Venezuela, Ecuador, and Colombia as one big place.

7. There is a rainforest in Panama City

It is not common for a rainforest to be located in a capital city. In fact, Panama is the only place where that is the case.

8. Most expensive railroad

$8 million is the expensive price tag of the railroad in Panama. It was built to help create the canal. 10,000 workers died based on diseases.

9. Over 2,000 kilometers of coastline

Panama is known for its amazing coast. You can see it in the amount that they have, offering great swimming and views according to Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa.

10. The highest point goes to Volcan Baru

You might feel high when you are on Volcan Baru. It is the highest place in Panama, at 3,300 meters above see level.

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