Joseph Bismark Success and Health Story

As a leader in the corporate world, there are many spheres of life which many people ignore. For Joseph Bismark, he has chosen the path of wholesomeness. As a staunch advocate of the holistic health and wellness, he stresses on walking the talk. This means he eats, does exercise and uses technology plus many other available avenues to promote holistic health. To sustain his healthy lifestyle, Bismark has remained loyal to work out, swimming, yoga and cycling. The incorporation of kettlebells in all the weekly workouts has made a great contribution to his flexible and strong body.

Adopting technology in healthy living

For a long time, Bismark has been using the MapMyRide app as reported by Reuters. This is a mobile device application which helps in tracking the cycling. This involves checking the fitness, records duration and the calories burned. It is also used to measure the speed, the distance covered, the pace and the elevation.

He has also discovered a web-based app called Luminosity. It is used to work out different aspects of the mind. This is made possible using fun scientific games. In this app, Bismark spends roughly 15 minutes every day.

Mental success

By getting involved in many activities, physical and mental ones, he believes that the mind is trained to overcome self-doubt. It is also helping in conquering fear of any kind or thinking ourselves as inferior. This has seen him focus on meditation as a vital element in keeping him healthy. Currently, he utilizes the SoundCloud which is a tool which is used to upload and share mantras and bhanjans chants.

Vital yoga

To Bismark, yoga is a great life secret. As a yoga master, he loves it and still teaches it in Singapore School of Meditation and Yoga. In his reading list, he has read a book by Dr. Abigail Ellsworth called the ‘Anatomy of Yoga: An Instructor’s Inside Guide to Improving Your Poses’.

The best of Bismark

He is the founding Director of QI group of Companies, a company established in 1998. His years of experience in running and managing the group have remained pivotal. Over the years, he has remained super in direct selling, training, project management, logistics, E-commerce and property development. He is a versatile leader, dynamic and a talented personality. His leadership rotates around consultative management. At a young age, he left the comfort of home luxuries and went for the life of being a monk. His simplistic nature has helped him to achieve great success while living as a forward thinker in life.


Source: Reuters

Alexei Beltyukov Launches SOLVY

Genius mathematician and savvy entrepreneur, on Alexei Beltyukov, has now already launched his amazing SOLVY education web site and tools, which he hopes to use as an online academy to teach math in better and more comprehensible ways. SOLVY was first introduced at the EdSurge Con in Los Angeles, California. It stood out in the spotlight as a major new shift in education and education software. Many of the EdTech Leaders have investigated Mr. Beltyukov’s SOLVY service and have called it, “One of the World’s Most Promising Startups.” And the experts have tagged SOLVY as a first in a series of new online education initiatives they hope to see Alexei Beltyukov bring to American education, especially in the area of mathematics.

The primary users of SOLVY are high school students taking math classes. What makes SOLVY so special is that it is completely internet-based. All classes take place with virtually participating students, remotely. A math teacher can setup custom homework to challenge students while actually living, working, and playing wherever they choose. Teachers quickly setup exercises and then oversee progress or stumped activity by the students and then quickly take action to resolve the lack of knowledge, quickly and without any other students necessarily knowing. All the coursework is based on the latest brain science research, including allowing for mistakes and focusing on the lessons those mistakes teach, in and of themselves.

There are no simplistic multiple-choice quizzes that encourage guesswork. To become successful with SOLVY, a student must absolutely apply him or her self to work out the problems, enter the answers into SOLVY, and also show their work to the instructor, virtually, through the magic of the Internet. The course work is quite tough, but can be customized for every student’s needs. Although challenging, the result is solid math knowledge and practice using it in very real-world story problem style.