Gigantic Influences of Flavio Maluf in Brazilian Investment Sector

Flavio Maluf is a famous investor across several sectors of in Brazil. As evident from his Facebook, he is the founder of the first successfully forest sector company that considers environmental issues in the country. He is the president of Eucatex Company. The company uses eucalyptus as a raw material to produce ceiling tiles and panel. Headquartered in San Paulo in Brazil, the company is the pioneer of investment in the forest sector and operates offices in several regions across the country. Mr Paulo Maluf founded the company that has now become a major exporter to Europe, and it has since become a family endeavor.

Currently, the company is on the front line of developing pollutant free paint in its state of the art laboratories. The company is also the developing extra advanced technology in manufacturing partition doors and other products. Mr Flavio has employed more than 2200 employees creating massive employment opportunities in the sector. Also, the company also owns modern factories whose expansion would translate to more jobs.

Flavio Maluf is also the president of GrandFood. The company offers employment to more than 400 people. The company is headquartered in Golden. The company lies in one of the backbone sectors of Brazilian economy the agribusiness. It has contributed immensely to the country’s production security with high standard quality products. The company also grows and markets sugarcane, grains and environmental awareness in planting eucalyptus. In this way, the investment offers more indirect opportunities to the people.

Mr Flavio has worked more than three decades with an extensive experience in management and entrepreneurship. He believes a dynamic industry is creating more opportunities for investors. Flavio has given numerous interviews on technical challenges and ways of overcoming the challenges. He has a degree in mechanical engineering. His companies have grown to have a good reputation in the country.

The Flavio investments extend an upper hand in environmental responsibility. Both Eucatex and GrandFood have embarked on projects to supply eucalyptus grains to increase a good forest cover. Apart from corporate social responsibility that is equally important, environmental responsibility can also be a significant way to generate wealth. Flavio has proven that the same sectors traditionally ignored can also contribute to the economy. He has shared his experience in investment to guide growing entrepreneurs. He highlights some of the challenges in those sectors as lack of financial funding. Eucatex is researching more on environmentally friendly products forming parts of its exports.  Something Flavio Maluf continues to praise daily on Twitter.

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Source: White Shark Blog