Chelsea Handler Does Netflix

Sam Tabar suggested that apparently Chelsea Handler finished out her contract for the E! Channel last year with her show “Chelsea Lately”. The show was on the air for eight years however it seemed unlikely that she would renew her contract after calling E! a “sad place to live”. She decided that the show was not as smart as she was and that she wanted to work on something that was smarter than her as Laywerist wrote.

Chelsea will be moving herself to Netflix where she will be starring in a four-part series called “Chelsea Does…”. In this series there will be “Chelsea Does Racism”, “Chelsea Does Marriage”, “Chelsea Does Silicone Valley”, and “Chelsea Does Ayahuasca”. For those who are not aware, Ayahuasca is a drink made from a vine in South America which gives off psychoactive effects.

I am definitely not a big Chelsea Handler fan. Years ago, before she was on “Chelsea Lately”, I read a few of her books and found them to be entertaining. I think I’ve grown up since then. Her new series does not sound interesting to me at all, and I feel like its just going to be an excuse for her to get high, drunk, naked, or whatever other shenanigans she can come up with.

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