Desiree Perez Helps Jay-Z Build Two Business Ventures

Roc Nation Sports is one of the early business ventures that Jay-Z decided to get involved with. He had money to invest in athletes and build a sports division, but he really had no idea about how he would develop a franchise that had athletes on the payroll. Desiree Perez, a long time friend, had a knack for negotiating contracts and helping people get the most that they could get for their talent. Some might say that she helped Jay-Z build Roc Nation Sports.  Check on

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Tidal is another business ventures that Jay-Z decided to get into. When this business started there was a lot of star power in place to help fans anticipate this music streaming service. Once all of the smoke cleared it was Jay-Z that was standing in place too turn this music streaming service into something that people would want. This was another place where he found himself dealing with some issues.

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Tidal is a company that Jay-Z realized that was unmanageable without some help. He had people in executive positions to run the company, but after a while they proved to be worthless to the overall success of Tidal. It would be Desiree Perez that would take her role in negotiating contracts all over again for another Jay-Z business venture. He knew that he could trust her and her business decisions. She is someone that has always had a knack for overcoming adversity, and getting Tidal to become profitable may have been the biggest adversity that Jay-Z has ever encounter. He knew that he would need Perez on his team.


It would not be easy, but there definitely would be a need for Desiree Perez to become acquainted with the Tidal franchise. She would be the one that would help this company take off and grow.