A Look at American Entrepreneur, Marc Sparks

According to NBCDVD, Marc Sparks is an American entrepreneur and business man who resides in Dallas, Texas. For a long period of time he has participated in the development of startups. He is a religious person and attributes the different challenges and difficulties we go through to God.

Through his private equity firm, he has been able to successfully offer his assistance to individuals who are seeking to start their own company. The services that he offers allows a business or company develop its long term and short term goals. His career life has seen him been involved in various companies and businesses. He has worked at Splash Media, Cardinal Telecom and Blue Jay Wireless – http://citrite.org/marc-sparks-a-business-success-story/ and https://about.me/marc_sparks

He is also actively involved and has invested a great deal in real estate, venture investing and business solutions. In addition to his business life, he is also a philanthropist. While in Texas, he has participated in participated in philanthropic initiatives that are driven towards improving the welfare of humanity.

He works with Samaritan Inn which provides shelter to the homeless. He has worked with this organization since the late eighties. Through this he is able to help individuals who are willing to help themselves. He has also constructed houses in conjunction with Habitat for Humanity thereby improving the livelihood of many individuals. He also works closely with American Can.

He has also managed to break the cycle of poverty by granting more than a thousand kids computers through Sparky’s Kids Foundation.   As part of his recreation and winding activities, he gets involved in hunting, fishing, biking and taking some adventurous travel. Learn more by clicking the links below:

What a Venture Capitalist like Marc Sparks Wants From A Presentation
In an effort to encourage people that they can make it irregardless of their school performance, he wrote a book called They Can’t Eat You. The book basically inspires readers that being a C student is not a sure path to failure. He hopes that through the book, one can learn invaluable lessons from unsuccessful ventures.

It gives hope to all business people who are about to give up and assure them that it is possible to achieve their dreams.http://www.nbcdvd.com/marc-sparks-more-business-than-usual/

He attributes his motivation and success to faith, savvy monetization, passion, focus, tenacity and speed. He says that as an entrepreneur one can achieve success if the combine these qualities with treating people the best way with respect and transparency.

His influence in the business world is well-known and felt that if one checks the word serial dictionary in the dictionary, one can easily find Marc Sparks’ picture. His thirty five years’ experience in the industry can be attributed to this.

Marc Sparks also says that his lack of fear to lose or make a mistake when making business decisions is mainly because of God whom he believes enables him overcome all fears.