George Soros’ Plan For Voting

When this fall rolls around, we will either be having Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton as our next president. Well, that is if the current polls are any indication of the future. To George Soros, Trump becoming our next president is the worst thing that can happen. That’s because he’s a Latino and knows that Trump has nothing but terrible plans for people of his kind. In fact, Trump wants to erect a wall at every border in the United States so that immigrants can’t come in. How does Soros plan on stopping Trump from being our next president? It’s simple. He’s funding a new effort.

Soros has donated $15 million to a cause, which will help mobolize Latino and immigrant voters . He plans on putting this money down in major states like Colorado, Nevada and Florida, where there is a huge Latino and Asian population. This money will help him reach out to those Latino and immigrant voters who are Democrats and plan on voting for the Democratic candidate this fall. This funding will help him make sure their votes stay in place and that they definitely come out to the polls in November. He will also use this money to influence those Latino and immigrant voters on the bubble to choose the Democratic candidate.

Soros isn’t the only one who feels very strongly about this cause. Cristobal Alex does too. Alex is the president of the Latino Victory Project. In a recent interview with the New York Times, Alex stated, “This is really taking the gloves off. From the day he attacked us, he called us rapists and thieves. We could have a giant wall built and millions of families broken apart. The country is on the precipice.” Alex makes a great point. All that Trump has planned for our country surrounding Latinos and immigrants will effect so many more people than that.

Based on the way that Trump speaks and the things he said, it should come as no surprise that so many American residents are saying that they will leave the country if the business owner is elected president. They feel he has no filter and that the steps he wants to take are too massive and demeaning. He’s acting as more of a dictator than a leader. With the strong hate against Trump and now these efforts by Soros, it should be interesting to see if Trump is actually elected this fall.

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Will Soros’ campaign actually get those voters who were going to choose Trump to switch sides and vote Democratic or will his efforts have been completely wasted? We will only know for sure this coming November when votes are cast at the polls.