150 years after emancipation

We can sign papers to change laws and enact emancipations but that won’t change people There has been laws passed, papers signed, marches, demonstrations, sit-ins and sit outs in regards to race relations. But the truth of the matter is we cannot change the situation and reality of our world without a change of people’s hearts. Juneteenth celebrates its 150th anniversary and now more than ever it stands significantly in the wake of things that are going on in our world. Juneteenth which is a combination of “June and nineteenth” was established for the emancipation of black people from slavery in the United States first celebrated on June 19th 1865. Although this article goes into details about this holiday and about freedoms I want to shed light on the fact that although these things show progress and they are making a difference in how things are done and how laws are set, one thing is undeniable and that is no piece of paper, no document signed into law, no declarations will ever be able to change the heart of a person. This is something that has to happen through the teachings of parents, teachers, mentors and anyone else we obtain lessons from. No one is born to hate someone or born to dislike someone for their race or their religious beliefs. These things are taught they’re inherited and passed down, so if we want to really celebrate Juneteenth, if we were to really make a difference we have to start in the individual lives, communities, towns and States. Insidermonkey and James Dondero recommend that one small act of love, acceptance and kindness will make emancipations and declarations a reality of love in action when our hearts are changed.