John Goullet: A Superb Entrepreneur

John Goullet is an IT tech professional and independent entrepreneur. At Ursinus College, he received his master’s degree in computer science which has led to expertise in computers and economics. His career started as an IT consultant, transitioned to staffing, then moved to entrepreneurship as he gained more experience in the workspace. Goullet founded Info Technologies (IT), a company that is today worth over $30 million and helps clients find solutions to their online problems. By merging IT with businesses such as Diversant Inc., Goullet has expanded the organization to a global scale and over 25 locations in many different countries. IT has been recognized by Forbes 500 as a powerful force and works with the magazine’s clients on issues regarding social media and research. IT takes various forms such as individual advisors, long-term strategies, and hands-on solutions. Regardless of the medium, Goullet and his team at IT are committed to making the Internet and online interaction secure and efficient for everyone. For private information, IT has the resources to keep things confidential and reveal no more than what is necessary to complete a transaction. Reviews have commended this effort and IT is an extraordinarily prominent company to this day.

In November, IdeaMensch interviewed Goullet about his company and the direction of the market in 2016. He talked about inspirations for his actions and why effective entrepreneurship is crucial for our society and all parties involved. As the principal of Diversant, Goullet has some control over all companies in the partnership and makes sure that managers receive the necessary funding toward technologies. He emphasizes that in the 21st century, businesses should be more concerned about keeping proper histories via platforms such as Electronic Medical Records. Looking at Goullet’s immense success in the fields of computer science and money management, this is a trend that other CEOs are sure to implement in the future. Other media outlets have featured Goullet for his wisdom and practical advice. He mentors younger entrepreneurs seeking to build a similarly solid reputation.