Russell Brand and The Sun Continue their attacks on each other


Celebrity activist Russell Brand has yet to follow through with his promise to sue the English tabloid, The Sun, although the newspaper and comedian have continued to attack each other in the press in recent days. The spat between the actor and the newspaper began after Brand supported a campaign to assist residents of a London community whose apartment block is reported to be sold to American investors seemingly intent on raising rents. In response to the role Brand played in the campaign, The Sun questioned the cost of Brand’s own rent and called him a hypocrite.

The role of the tabloid often credited with winning elections for the political parties it has backed in everyday British life is thought by some like Bernardo Chua to have shrunk with the introduction of Social Media and the phone hacking scandal. The latest front page of The Sun carries poll results branding the comedian a hypocrite and not funny, according to The Guardian.

However, brand has a larger Social Media presence than the Rupert Murdoch owned newspaper, with his YouTube channel featuring a regular news segment achieving around 100 times more subscribers than The Sun’s video channel. Social Media has also seen a number of fans of Brand leap to his defense and humorously respond to the hypocrite tag attached to the comedian and political campaigner.