Adam Milstein on future Jewish leaders

According to the teaching of the Jewish history, it takes great leaders to lead a country through challenges. Israel is a country that stands strong today because its leaders were determined to see it become a solid nation amidst all the hate sponsored by its neighbors. In fact, Israel is the only country in the Middle East which practices western democracy. Other countries which surround the country are Muslim-led and do not subscribe to the democratic rule. Some of the countries here are led by dictators who support the activities of radical Muslim.

Back to the Israeli leaders, David Ben-Gurison, Chain Herzorg, Golda Meir, and Henrietta are some of the Jewish leaders who have left a huge mark in the history of the community. They stood strong when the community was going through major challenges and saw the country emerge victoriously. It is through such leaders that we still have Jews living in the Middle East. Otherwise, the hate from the neighboring radical Islamists would have driven them out of the region. To them, Jews are colonizers.

With that being the history of the community, going into the future, the community deserves to be supported by other great leaders. The challenges facing the Jews have not in any way gone down. There are still major problems that the community faces. Anti-Semitism is the major problem, and any great leader of the Jewish community must focus on fighting this vice. Also, the country needs a leader who will stand firm in times of pressure and defend the country with all might.

Adam Milstein, an author with Jpost, claims that, for the nation to have influential leaders in future, it needs to invest in the young generation. The young Jews of today will be the leaders of tomorrow. If they are not encouraged to stand and defend their community in times of tribulations, then the country will be at risk of being taken over by radical groups. Adam Milstein is supporting various initiatives aimed at mentoring the young Jews and teaching them about their history. By giving them lessons and motivating them, Adam Milstein believes the young Jews will grow up proud of their nationality.

Adam Milstein is a philanthropist and a community leader in the Jewish community living in the United States.’s-200-Influential-Philanthropists

Thor Halvorssen: Human Rights Activist & Proponent of Democracy

Thor Halvorssen is no mere threat to any would-be corporeal medium that marginalizes, or completely precludes any attempt for an individual to express his/her natural rights here on this earth. To the contrary, Thor Halvorssen is a ever-present chronic pain to any form of despotic regime, nation, institution, individual that delimits the rights of any one person.

Thor’s history in activism attest to his concern for those who have the inability to speak for themselves, those-who are servile to the whims of a vague power not partial in recognizing essential rights. The New York Times characterized Thor with this epithet: “The champion of the underdog and the powerless” an apt statement for this man.

Thor’s quest as an activist for human rights started at an early age, but it really began to take root with his founding of the Human Rights Foundation based in New York city in 2005.

Thor’s work with the Human Rights Foundation is this: Thor’s criticism of China for Liu Xiaobo, a Nobel peace price recipient, imprisoned for his outspoken views of China’s disenfranchisement of its citizens; the inability of Dr.Chee Soon Juan, an outspoken activist in Singapore, denied leave from his country under dubious claims to attend a Freedom Forum in Oslo, Norway; the atrocities of General Yoweri Museveni despot of Uganda, Thor claims “persecutes dissidents and critics with imprisonment, torture, disappearances, and extrajudicial killings; Thor’s work, by no means, is limited to those hitherto examples

Thor is also the founder of Oslo Freedom Forum, a forum where notable activists for democracy and civil rights around the world come to speak. This forum is meant to bring awareness to and give concerted effort, empowerment, to activists in the strategies needed to fight against oppressive governments.

Thor is also a filmmaker, his films also bring awareness of the various inequities committed around the globe that inhibit peoples rights. A Film like the “Singing Revolution” created to bring awareness of the Estonian peoples plight against the Russian hegemony between 1986 and 1991 (). Other films he has made:”Indoctrinate U,” and “The Sugar Babies” meant to bring awareness of human right violations.