Guilherme Paulus Opens A Sold Out Lecture At The 2017 Top Seller Event

The lecture was given at the 5th Top Seller Event for people in Brazil’s property sector. The event was held in the Mab Thermas Grand Resort in Foz de Iguaҫu. The event is held as a promotion between the resort and RCI- Resort Condominiums International.

Guilherme Paulus is President of GJP Hotels and Resorts, a partner in CVC’s Board of Directors, as well as a member of the National Council of Tourism and part of the Economic and Social Development of the Federal Government. Paulus started off talking about his work in the tourism field. Originally Guilherme Paulus wanted to be a doctor, but because of financial need, he was unable to make his dream of becoming a doctor come true. Guilherme Paulus shifted his choice of career and instead interned at IBM. He worked in different departments at IBM that dealt with math and calculations. He decided he didn’t want to do this type of work and one day saw an ad for an airfare salesman. He worked for two years in this job.


One day a federal deputy who wanted to open a tourism office as Guilherme Paulus to partner with him and that he would get 33% of the company that was established in San André. In 1972 they founded CVC. There were many challenges in the beginning, and they thought about closing CVC in 1979. The company suffered many inspections when the government created a compulsory tax that forced companies to leave deposits for a year. The company was struggling financially but had the good fortune that an executive from Mercedez Benz contacted them to arrange for several buses to take their employees to the Itajaí Valley in Santa Catarina. He was able to lower the costs and even took the group for a small tour.

The Mercedez Benz tour gave him the idea to offer tours to several companies, and with the help of his manager, Valter Patriani CVC was able to gain new clients and grow. CVC took off and gained more clients for the tourism industry. This propelled their success. After CVC had succeded Paulus decided to sell some stock in the company to the Carlyle Group at R $700 million and still retained a third of the stock in the company. From there he decided to enter the hotel business.