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In conjunction with NantHealth and Allscripts, Cancer Treatment Centers of America is putting in place a system that will give NantHealth access to the Electronic Health Record that is enabled by Allscripts Sunrise. This will help the Clinical Pathways Program keep information current in the cancer treatment process. All available Treatment options are presented through Clinical Pathways and it allows doctors to avoid possible guesswork and ambiguous decisions, since they are constantly being presented with new oncology research. Clinical Pathways helps combine all the latest information available in Cancer Research with the priority given to the patient. This gives patients a wide range of options to choose from with treatments that are geared for each individual.
What makes the blog unique is that the professionals there aren’t treating a host of different conditions. They treat only one thing – cancer, and they strive to give each patient personalized care. With locations in Atlanta, Tulsa, Chicago, Phoenix, and Philadelphia, the physicians at Cancer Treatment Centers of America take the time to get to know the patient so they can develop an individualized treatment plan. This includes therapies to help the patient manage the side effects of treatment, maintain their strength and stamina, and quality of life.
In the hospitals of CTCA, the standard theraphies of radiation, chemotherapy, surgery, and immunotherapy are used, along with innovative methods of treating and managing depression, anxiety, nausea, fatigue, and pain. Cancer Treatment Centers of America presently has their headquarters in Boca Raton, Florida, after having been originally based in Schaumburg, Illinois.

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USHEALTH Group- The Best Solution for Your Medical Coverage

Founded in 1982, the USHEALTH Group, Inc. is the one of a kind health insurance firm that offers you the chance to purchase more medical coverage if and when necessary without additional underwriting. At USHEALTH group, we understand that medical coverage is among the most significant you will have to make in life. As of such, we offer various plans that perfectly suit a variety of health needs. You can apply for our health coverage plans at any time of the year, even when outside open enrollment.Visit there Linkedin account: Click here.

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We are the only firm where you can lock in your rates up to fifteen months in America. With us, it takes less than ten calendar days to process an average claim. To attain our mission of providing innovative medical coverage tailored to your individual needs, we have highly trained agents who are not only dedicated to our vision but also willing to help you get the perfect plan within the shortest time possible. Our professional staff will handle your needs and come up with the perfect plan financially for you as well as one that will take care of your health needs. Currently, we have more than fifteen million satisfied customers to our name.

Our Health Coverage Plans

We provide the most innovative medical coverage to our clients through our licensed life and medical insurance family of companies. We offer fixed indemnity health insurance, individual health insurance, Dental Insurance, insurance for critical illnesses, accident, as well as income protection services. Unlike the traditional insurance that pays benefits after death, we provide MedGuard that pays you a lump sum cash payment if you are diagnosed with a covered condition and you survive. The MedGuard is a five-year term renewable and convertible life insurance limited to certain states and has its limitations as well as exclusions.

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In 2012, USHEALTH Group Inc was the Bronze and Silver Stevie Winner for the American Business Awards and Sales and Customer Service respectively during the 10th year Stevies. In Stevies 2013, we were the Bronze Stevie Winners of the American Business Awards as well as in 2014 and 2015. Such awards depict our excellent work and effort that we put in ensuring that you and your family are well covered.Their Facebook page:

Our Location

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There are six capsules to help regulate and improve six different systems in your body. The six capsules are for your blood and lymphatic system, liver and gallbladder, cardiovascular system, lungs and respiratory, kidneys, bladder, adrenal, colon and digestive system. Activated charcoal is taken to removes toxins from your system.


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Importance Of Medicare Advantage Plans

Original Medicare covers the health of many people through Medicare. However, a third of the beneficiaries opt to receive their benefits through the Medicare Advantage Plan. This plan is often referred as Medicare Private Health Plan. The federal government enters into contract with the Medicate Advantage Plans and pays a flat amount per person in order to provide Medicare benefits.

The common Medicare Advantage Plans are the Private Fee-For-Service (PFFs), Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs) and Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs). Often times, one may come across Special Needs Plans (SNPs), Medicare Medical Savings Account (MSAs) and Provider Sponsored Organizations (PSOs).

When you enroll in a Medicare Advantage Plan, you will have to pay for your monthly Part B premium. Payment of Part A premium is subject to one having such a Plan. It is imperative to note that each of the Medicare Advantage Plan is obligated to provide both Part A and Part B services, which are offered by Original Medicare. These Plans should also include limits of your out-of-pocket expenses for both Part A and Part B services. Usually, different plans have varying rules on how and where such coverage can be found. It is advisable that you check with a plan in order to comprehend how its coverage works.

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Medicare Advantage Plans charge a premium over and above the Medicare Part B premium. Eligibility to Join the Medicare Advantage Plan includes:
a)Having Medicare Parts A and B
b)Living within the Plan’s service areas
c)Not having End-Stage renal Disease (ESRD)

It is significant to pinpoint that if one has ESRD that necessitates kidney transplant or dialysis, then such an individual is eligible to enroll in a Medicare Advantage Plan subject to being part of the Special Needs Plan that allows people with ESRD to join it.

About InnovaCare, Inc
InnovaCare Health is renowned for providing Medicare Advantage Plans as well as physician practice services. The facility is committed to enhancing quality healthcare through creating cost-effective models that incorporate state of the art technologies. In Puerto Rico, the company runs two Medicare Advantage Plans, PMC Medicare Choice and MMM Healthcare. The membership of InnovaCare Health base constitutes 200,000 people who are served by more than 7,500 providers. The company seeks to coordinate innovative care and quality in the changing healthcare setting across North America.

The success of a company is anchored on its stewardship. InnovaCare’s president and CEO is Dr. Rick Shinto. He has amassed more than 20 years in clinical and operational healthcare. Penelope Kokkinides is the Chief Administrative Officer of the company. He boasts of 20 years experience in healthcare, specializing in Medicaid and Medicare. The Chief Accounting Officer is Michael J. Sortino while Douglas Malton works as the Chief Financial Officer. Jonathan Meyers is the Chief Actuary Officer of the company while Christopher Joyce serves as the General Counsel.

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