The Rising Star of Yanni Hufnagel.

Yanni Hufnagel has had an industrious career that is punctuated by various successes and contracts with top-ranking institutions. His coaching interest developed in childhood and he honed it by reading any coaching book he could lay his hands on as well as practicing what he read on the pitch.

While working for a television station as his partner remarked that he exhibited so much passion that you could see him on a path to coaching or a sports announcer.

Hufnagel, a graduate of Cornell University where he studied a Industrial and Labor Relations, seems well positioned for a job as a head coach or an assistant coach in an institution with immense basketball wealth. He did his Master’s Degree in Adult Higher Education at Oklahoma with an emphasis on Intercollegiate Athletic Administration.

While at Cornell University and in his first year Yanni Hufnagel was a basketball manager and interned with the New Jersey Nets in summer. Upon graduation, Hufnagel landed a post as a coach in one of the Nets affiliates where he met Jeff Capel, his former boss at Oklahoma. Fate seemed to work for Yanni Hufnagel as Capel had been looking for a graduate assistant coach.He interviewed and got the job.

On Capel’s recommendation, Yaani Hufganel went to work as a volunteer assistant coach in Harvard, delving into the recruitment of players as soon as he got on board.

Evidently, Yanni Hufnagel’s star as a coach seems to light even brighter every day. When he left his last job at Cal, he had several offers but decided to sign with Nevada.

Hufnagel is a man with a good eye for top basketball performers, making him an excellent recruiter.

His performance since joining Nevada has so far been very positive and with the continuous engagement of good players he is expected to move in higher the ladder. Going by his performance in previous engagements, it is easy to predict a quick rise in his career as a coach.