Venezuela Is At The Crossroads Of Democracy According To National Assemblyman José Manuel González

Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro attended Fidel Castro’s 90th birthday party. Maduro has tried to emulate Castro and his deceased mentor Hugh Chavez, but the people are sick of Che Guevara, Marxism, and especially Maduro. Maduro has turned Venezuela into the towel bowl of South America. There is little food, medicine, or electricity, but there are daily demonstrations that call for the removal of Nicolas Maduro, according to the Deputy of the National Assembly from the state of Guárico, José Manuel González.

José Manuel González is a well-respected business person that has a successful track record as a former president of the Chamber of Commerce and gubernatorial candidate. González has been trying to get Maduro’s attention for months because he is well aware of what the country needs to get enough food for the people again. González is an agricultural expert that understands domestic food production. Chavez, and now Maduro, cut domestic food production and relied on imports when there was enough money coming from oil exports, but those days are over. Even though Venezuela has more oil that other OPEC nation, there’s not enough money coming in to support the economy.

The biggest anti-government movement in the world is taking place in Venezuela, and the country is reaching a fork in its economic and financial road. Either the will of the people is going to decide the fate of the country by democratic elections, or Venezuela is going to become another Havana. The people are sick of hearing about Cuba, according to González, and they are showing their distaste by organizing another mass protest that could be bigger than the protest that took place on September 1st. The people want earlier elections, and they want Maduro to go. But the former bus driver is not going away quietly. He has called the military in to control the ports and distribute food as well as detain and arrest the leaders of the opposition.

Mr. González Is still doing what he has been doing for months. He is using his popularity and political influence to help the people get rid of Maduro.