5 Tips To Create An Effective PR Campaign

Status Labs is a digital reputation management company that has published a guide to creating a successful PR pitch in a company press release. The company is based in Texas and manages reputation’s for both private individuals, organizations and businesses. Its reputation management services include crisis management, brand building, image management and content creation. Below is a summary of the tips to a highly effective PR pitch that was outlined by Status Labs in January of 2015.


The first word of advice given by Status Labs for a successful PR pitch is to stay on topic. Status Labs suggests doing a lot of research before contacting any reporters, writers and magazine publications. If you contact journalists or magazines with content that they don’t cover then they can block or ignore you. This is exactly what you don’t want happening and can limit your future options.


Status Labs then suggests you try to keep your pitches short, sweet and to the point. Reporters and column writers often get a lot of email and messages. By keeping your messages short and on topic, you increase the likelihood that they will be read and understood by the reporters. Including a call to action at the end is also a good idea because it can increase the chances of hearing back from journalists.


The third word of advice given by Status Labs for a successful pitch is to know who you are contacting. Try and get to know who you are sending your content to. You should also try and establish a relationship with them if possible. Try to engage with them on social media and add them to your online networks such as LinkedIn.


Status Labs also suggests that you try and offer the world to journalists whenever you can. What this means is that you should try and be accommodating to reporters and writers. Provide them with the information they need and images or photographs of your company or issue. If you make their work easier, they will be more likely to work with you in the future. Giving them high quality content will also make their coverage of you better as well.


The last tip given by Status Labs for a good PR pitch is to make it a story. Your pitch should not be an advertisement and nor should it be monotonous. Make it read like a story and make sure its relevant.


There are five key things that can help you get a PR pitch according to Status Labs. They are timing, significance, proximity, prominence, and human interest. If your pitch fulfills these requirements then it should be okay and effective. For more on Status Labs’ five tips to a successful PR Pitch you can check out the original article on PR Newswire.