Perry Mandera: What does a generous man look like?

Perry Mandera can be described as a generous man, without a doubt. Custom Companies Incorporated was founded by Perry Mandera in 1986, and he remains the owner to this day. Being a dedicated man to giving back to the community, Mr. Mandera has donated to many charities over the years. He especially shows interest in charities that support US veterans, being a veteran himself. Mr. Mandera joined the US Marine Corps Reserve in 1975, immediately after graduating from high school. Perry Mandera has involved his own business in a conglomerate of businesses dedicated to helping veterans returning from military service. This conglomerate includes The Illinois State Crime Commission, Roosevelt University and several other businesses focused in the Chicago area. Mandera and these other business actively work together to find jobs for returning veterans. , and Mandera is always on the look out for veterans to hire into his own business.

Mandera is also an avid supporter of the environment, and has worked actively with the Environmental Protection Agency to better streamline his own transportation services, increasing efficiency and decreasing fuel usage. Custom Companies Inc. participates in the EPA’s SmartWay program, designed to track fuel usage and emissions of logistics and freight suppliers in order to increase efficiency, and increase the awareness of just how much emissions that these trucks put out, both of these leading to lowered effects on the environment and lowered fuel usage for the companies involved (

When Mandera first formed Custom Companies Inc, he knew that charity would be a large focus of his company, and so he created the Custom Cares Charities to handle any and all philanthropic activities. The majority of the monies are distributed to other charities that Mandera supports, with the rest being given to large national organizations. These include both the Boy and Girl Scouts of America, Operation Support Our Troops and Toys for Tots. Custom Cares Charities has also given to medical research organizations involved with cancer, multiple sclerosis, and muscular dystrophy. Mandera is well known as a man of generosity, and he has created a successful business centered on this principle.