Brian Torchin: Genius Business

Brian Torchin is a business owner from Philadelphia. He has been to the Universty of Delaware and the New York Chiropractic College. Primarily Brian Torchin is the owner of Health Care Recruitment Counselors. This is the organization that helps provide medical and healthcare industry staffing jobs. This is mostly focused in Philadelphia, PA. Torchin has spent a good portion of his career in school and helping people. He specializes in certain types of healing methods, including recruiting, staffing, career coaching, and others such as career counseling. Find out more about Brian Torchin on Wellness.

Brian Torchin’s main markets that he spends most of his time on are both Healthcare and recruiting. This leaves Torchin with little time for himself on most days. Despite this, co-workers still have nice things to say about his character, such as, “always trying to provide the most comprehensive solutions for all of his clients…”.

However, more than a few times, Brian Torchin was rumored to be, “…a detail-oriented individual…” and he “speaks with various enterprises, groups, and organizations involved in the healthcare world.” These comments help tell us that as a person, while powerful, Brian Torchin was also committed to helping both his customers and himself with their transactions. this is very important to customers, as they were looking for someone who is primarily honest and trustworthy.

On top of being extremely busy, Torchin still makes the time to post on the firm’s blog. He posts on a variety of topics and gives advice on hiring a physician assistant, or online marketing. All this time he is also attempting to make the blog interesting, mentioning how to hire the best employees. He even wrote about making the hiring process even easier and faster than it already was, saying “Staying knowledgeable on competitive compensation trends is very important…”

In conclusion, Brian Torchin is a very nice and trustworthy man that is very powerful. He truly is a rare find in this business and will be remembered as such.

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Healthy Living with Bernardo Chua

Bernardo Chua wanted to become a doctor when he grew up. Although he fell short of that dream, his accomplishments have not been far off as he helps people lead healthier lives. A citizen of the Philippines, he was the youngest of 14 children. He had his first taste in business through the family business where he acted as the purchasing manager in their garment manufacturing plant. His next step in the corporate staircase was managing a travel agency. His role was to institute programs that saw the agency’s growth in Southeast Asia. Later, Bernardo Chua, or Bernie on Twitter, was approached by a direct selling company which had set up a regional office in the Philippines and they wanted him to manage it. He went on to increase the company’s market share and helped gain recognition in Asia. When the company decided to set up camp in North America, he was the man trusted with managing the Canadian business. Read more about Bernardo Chua on Caja Mediterraneo

Six years into moving into Canada with his family, he set up his own company, Organo Gold, now known as ORGANO. The company majored in selling varieties of teas, coffees and dietary supplements. The company was stationed at Vancouver, British Columbia and its aim was to popularize the use of Ganoderma, a herb staple that is an ingredient in traditional Asian medicines, to the Western World. It did this by infusing the herb into the Western World’s popular beverages- tea and coffee.

In addition to helping people lead healthy lives, Bernardo ensures that the consumers and distributors are educated on the ganoderma lucidium herb and the health benefits that result from its use. He is also a sponsor in the OG Cares Foundation. This foundation provides mentorship to young men and women so as to grow their leadership skills.

Bernardo Chua has been recognized for his role in business. At an award ceremony held by the National Consumer Affairs Foundation in Manila, Philippines, he was the recipient of two Dangal ng Bayan awards and an award for Outstanding Global Entrepreneur.