Fortress Investment Group Jumped From the Bandwagon of comfort into a Risky Venture That Has Since Paid Off

Everything about alternative investments is risky. The stakes are not typically well protected, and only individuals with fire for risk-taking make it. It may be its highly profitable if you make it. Fortress Investment Group was founded on a vision to make it big in the industry. It specializes in hedge funds, private equity, real estate, managed futures and others.Its founders had an out of the norm vision which included trading publicly. Trading publicly has never been every private companies dream because it is often problematic. A public listing ensures that a company reports regularly and extensively. For this reason, many private holdings resist the urge. Fortress Investment Group made that choice and a decade later it’s still going strong. The fear of failing was crippling but not deterrent, and they finally made it big. Their success today is so phenomenal and are now trendsetters as other alternative investment groups follow suit in the public listings.

A company that grows is a company that has weathered storms gracefully. Fortress Investment Group had seen better days from its humble beginnings ten years ago. It has grown from a million dollar industry to handling billions. Its achievements do not end there as it was the first company opening its doors to the public who knew little of alternative investments and educating them to the moguls they are today. It is not to say that the company not only grows money but people as well.While many companies sell out to more prominent corporations as a result of losses, it is a different case for this shining star. When a decision was approved to sell it to Japan’s Softbank, it was on a winning streak, not a losing one. The company has made nothing but right choices since its inception and promised to continue on that path even as it operates independently under Softbank.

More about Fortress Investment Group

Its current operations are Credit, Permanent Capital, and Private Equity. Randal Nardone, Wes Eden, and Peter Briger founded it. Its immense success resulted from breaking forth into unknown territories of public markets and making a fortune out of the venture. Its headquarters are in New York, but it has expanded its areas to other cities and countries as well. The company is proud of the awards under its cap. They include; Hedge Fund Manager of the Year and Discretionary Macro-Focused Hedge Fund of the Year Award.

Australia Equities First Holdings

In its decade and a half of activity, Equities First Holdings has been blessed to draw an astonishingly gifted group of fiscal business masters.

Equities First Holdings is described as a systematic, different, origin of money. They supply their clients with different financing by loaning money that’s secured by publicly exchanged stock; in order to permit consumers to meet both their personal and financial objectives.

Equities First Holdings began in 2002 and has companies not just in Australia but in eight other countries as well, making it a Global company.

It’s Australian company is located in Sydney but governs Subordinate offices in both Melbourne and Perth. Equities first Holdings also holds an Australia Financial Service License. An Australia Financial Services License is a license for any Australian firms connected in the providing of financial assistance. This license is supplied by Australian Securities and Investment Commission as demanded by the Corporations Act of 2001.

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Greg Secker and The Greg Secker Foundation Is Helping Others Learn How To Be Successful

Not everyone is someone who see’s the glass half full, rather than half empty. For Greg Secker, he loves to figure everything out along the way rather than before. He lives by the philosophy that you can make money anywhere you are and not just in an office somewhere.

Greg went to the university to study food science and agriculture but soon found himself looking into building and then selling computers. With the time on his hands, Greg decided that he needed to do something more with his time and energy. He went to a job fair where he ran into a guy who helped him obtain a job interview working for Thomas Cook Financial Services. Once he went to the interview, he took the job and was soon asked to work on the currency trading floor within the company. After working there for a short period of time he was asked to join the Virtual Trading Desk that became the very first online trading platform for currency. While working on this project, he was around all the traders where he learned tips and tricks to making money. Once he knew the tips, he knew he had to help others.

Once Greg started to make the amount of money he wanted from trading, he retired. While sitting in his home daily became quite boring for Greg, he attended a number of seminars. These seminars were what helped him to realize what it was that he wanted to do. Greg sat through a seminar and realized that by setting up his own seminars, he could teach others how to use his knowledge to make money.

Greg sat and taught the seminars to others who then in turn used his methods to become successful in forex trading. He wanted to make sure that others not only made money but that they felt good while making the money. Most of the other seminars that Greg went to, he noticed that people were being pumped out but without any success afterwards. His goal was to help others feel good and make money.

Greg now uses the money he makes for better purposes such as the Greg Secker Foundation. The purpose of the foundation is to help young individuals learn the skills they need to be successful in life. This is something that is very important for Greg. He wants to help others as much as he can.