Exceeding Your Personal Goals to Fit in the Changing Economy

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Following the zombie train, this is the aspect of participating in an economy while basically on auto pilot. People waste a lot of time every day like an hour or two sitting on the train to and from the work place. On the train, it depicts reluctant people who don’t want to be questioned about time wastage.

These people on Zombie train on one perspective seems to enjoy life by going to work every day and returning to get home, sleep, eat, and go to a job the next day. On the other perspective, paying a keen eye to the people on the train, a displeasing attitude is what will confront you triggered by the challenges they face in the employment market. Their livelihood exists in jeopardy for all classes of workers in this sector.

It is advisable for these fellows in train to have an alternative when the jobs end and not to on sit and wait for tomorrow. Clearly looking on Zombie train every passenger is busy on mobile games, others asleep, and staring out of windows for nothing. The character of such individuals can be closely matched with that of animals in a scenario where there are waiting for worst to happen to them like “lambs on their way to slaughterhouse”.

This idleness and time mismanagement should be directed into a venture that is productive or development of the business idea. It is good to match with fluctuating economic whether than stay still and pull back the economy for being unproductive. In economy, apathy kills and it is advisable to live by widening own goals to infinity where to one can pull you back or interfere with your tremendous contribution.