Equities First – What you Stand to Gain

Equities first Holdings is the first company of its kind especially when it comes to giving loans based on securities. It is involved in lending individual investors loans using their securities as collateral. This is rather unusual but has been well received by clients as it offers an alternative capital funding and what’s more, you are not required to specify what the money is for. It is a convenient way to access cash anytime.Equities first holdings has worked in a way of financing people’s needs despite the harsh economic conditions. With their stock-based loans the company has been able to withstand threatening economic crisis. Clients are able to access quick loans to finance their project capitals despite fluctuation economic conditions. Equities first holding has presented the best alternative for individuals needing money without the necessary qualifications that most credit facilities require. Stock based loans continues to be an option that most companies are willing to consider especially since they are characterized by low interest rates that enhance high loan- value ratio.

The company specializes in issuing fast working capitals by using stocks and bonds as well as treasuries, which serve as the loan’s collateral. The company has handled more than 2000 transactions in the past year an indication that stick based loans continue gaining popularity as a viable option. The transactions already handled translate to 2 billion in issuance but Equities holdings does not have a problem with this as it views it as normal business which makes the company stand out.

The stock based loan structure of Equities first is different from marginal loans despite the fact that both use stocks or securities as collateral. the difference between the two comes in the sense that for marginal loans a reason must be given for taking the loan whereas the stock based loan is given regardless of the reason making Equities first Holdings the best alternative funding for most people.

How Vincent Parascandola Is Bringing AXA to Success

Vincent Parascandola is the Senior Executive Vice President of AXA Advisors. AXA Advisors is located in New York. He studied at Pace University. He got his BS in computer science from Lubin School of Business. Before working at AXA, he worked for MONY group. He was there for a decade and a half, with various positions such as Financial Professional, Sales Manager, Managing Director, and Field Vice President. Other positions he had were Executive Vice President, President of Advantage Group, President of Northern Division, President of Continental Division, and Chief Sales Officer, all at AXA Equitable.

For more than two and a half years now, he is Senior Executive Vice President of AXA Advisors, as mentioned at the beginning of this article. He is responsible for the growth of 225 professionals in the financial sector in the Central New Jersey area. He helps sales growth by improving the productivity of the professionals. In addition, he is responsible for recruiting and bringing in new professionals in the financial sector. He also makes sure that good profit margins are retained. The main location of AXA Advisors is in Woodbridge in New Jersey, with several other locations in New Jersey such as in Morristown. AXA Advisors has over 5,350 registered representatives all over the globe. For 17 years, Vincent has held an industry securities registration. They are SEC and FINRA Registered and are subject to their oversight.

In case you were wondering why you should pick AXA Advisors, read this: They will help you break down your financial goals into small manageable goals so that you don’t get overwhelmed. The focus will be on your needs, not theirs. You will be assigned a financial professional that will work with you to help you out. Of the 5,000 professionals mentioned above, all of them have lots of experience and are able to make sure that you achieve the goals and dreams you need. Everything from retirement and estate planning and whatever else you need will be carefully planned, and it really doesn’t matter what stage you currently are at, because there always is a financial professional to help you out. You know that Vincent as VP will make sure that the quality you get is the best.