How Kate Hudson has ensured Fabletics stands out among competitors

Is this the first time you hear about Fabletics by Kate Hudson? If so, worry no more, after this article, you will know why they are better than their competitors. The athleisure retailer was founded in 2013, and since then they have been winning an exercise on building a brand in a market that many powerhouses dominate.


Fabletics currently has more than 1.2M monthly members do in eight countries, and they receive up to 50% on apparel. From $49, members receive a sports bra, top, and bottoms based on their fashion preferences and lifestyle. The idea behind this is to sell on trend style and personalized services at half prices of competitors.


What makes Kate Hudson Unique?


Although she was a household name, her desire to adopt a Warby Parker e-commerce model and introduce a high quality, affordable line that inspires all women despite age, size or ability – to feel and look their best and embrace a healthy, active lifestyle. According to Kate, her passion for the idea helped.


Some tips for success by Hudson


  • Establishing and identifying marketing opportunities
  • Staying hands-on with the business
  • Relying on big data to make decisions
  • Getting inspired
  • Believing in oneself and taking risks


According to Kate, consumer purchases are determined by the power of consumers. Nowadays, clients consider crowd-sourced reviews before deciding to buy, and they make their final decision using these reviews. Successful companies are utilizing such shifts in customer behavior with study marketing strategies. Fabletics is one such firm. Since it began, it has grown by over 200% and grossed over $235.


The company was able to achieve this by leveraging the prominence of reviews in consumer behaviors in the modern day. Kate knows that customer reviews can directly improve loyalty, increase customer acquisition, and customer retention in any industry.


According to Gregg, president of Fabletics, Kate represents what he and his team want Fabletics to be in future. According to him, she does not take herself too seriously; she is approachable and lives an active lifestyle. Kate has been involved with the company since the first day. Whether it was picking a new social media strategy or reviewing budgets, Kate included. Even currently, Kate continues to work closely with the team to ensure that the designs and styles look fresh. She looks at the sales every week to know the clothes that are selling and those that are not.


Communication has always been one of the major things behind Fabletics success. Kate started a campaign to make communication their number one priority. The company upgraded their customer services and came up with a new data system. Because of this, the company proliferated. For example in 2014, they saw a triple growth. They have had a high customer satisfaction score in the years after.


Fabletics data driven approach is another reason they have overgrown over the years. It helps the company know the consumer’s trends on social media, the inventory they should stock and the quantity as well.

Chris Burch Knows How To Run Successful Companies

The business world changes over the years based on what is occurring in the world. The business world and the companies that makeup the business world must be able adapt to what is going on in the business market. The main reason for this is that companies must attract and maintain customers.


Therefore, companies must be fully aware of what is going on in the business markets at all times. Companies must understand and keep up with trends, but more importantly, companies must be able to feel the pulse of the business markets to know what people want or need. A huge part of being able to give people what they want or need is to have vision. Successful companies are ran by leaders who have tremendous vision. The leaders are able to see and develop ideas that are new and fresh.


In the business world there are many markets that require the ability to have vision just to compete in the markets. Two of these markets are technology and fashion. Innovation is a key component for the companies in these markets. Both markets reward companies with vision. The companies that are able to determine what people will want or need years in advance establish the innovation and trends for these two markets.


One of the things that the fashion market has done in recent years is to utilize technology with fashion designs. The business vision of various fashion leaders moved them to bring technology into the fashion market. There are many reasons why numerous fashion leaders have made this move, but one of the main reasons is that technology is very popular in the world today. Millions of people are technology users and the use of technology with fashion designs brings a different element into the fashion world. An element that is popular in its own right.


A highly successful executive who has an enormous amount of vision for business is Chris Burch. A successful executive since his days in college, Chris Burch has changed many aspects of the fashion world based on his vision. A unique understanding of the fashion world combined with an uncanny business savvy give Chris Burch a rare combination of business qualities.


In addition to his unique vision for the fashion world, Chris Burch also has a great understanding of technology. He has ran successful companies in the technology market, and he knows how to develop successful technology companies.