Karl Heideck: A Litigation Expert With Decades Of Experience

Karl Heideck is a prominent litigation expert in Greater Philadelphia Area with a decade of quality legal services to his clients. To many people, litigation expert is an attorney and consider each lawyer as a litigation expert as well. But, that is not true, and litigation is a specific area in the Law, and specialized attorneys with expertise in litigation can only handle the suits. In general, litigation expert is the one who can file suits in courts, appear for trials, argue motions, etc. It should be noted that the litigator handles civil disputes like real estate, contracts, and personal injuries of non-criminal in nature.

Karl Heideck: A Litigation Expert With Decades Of ExperienceTo start a career in litigation, the candidates have to complete their undergraduate degree, Juris Doctor and should pass the bar exam. There is no specific under graduation to continue the education in Law; however, it is good to choose economics, history, English, or other related subjects that can be useful while pursuing Law. The candidates should take Law School Admission Test to join a law school and should earn J.D. Finally, they should pass the bar exam of the particular state conducted by American Bar Association to secure the license. After this, the candidates can start working as an entry-level litigation attorney.

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Heideck also focuses on compliance practices and risk management. He is known for providing consistent and professional services with greater expertise in various legal complexities. Karl Heideck is also known for his skills in legal research, legal writing, commercial litigation, employment law, product liability, and corporate law.

Karl Heideck completed his Bachelor of Arts in English Language and Literature from Swarthmore College. He did his J.D. from James E. Beasley School of Law – Temple University. Karl started his career with Conrad O’Brien as Associate with responsibilities like representing individual clients, research, drafting documents, etc. Then he worked with Pepper Hamilton LLP as Project Attorney with the responsibility of quality control specialist. He currently works as a Contract Attorney with Hire Counsel and has responsibilities such as reviewing discovery materials on various issues and working to improve review protocol.