Remaining Hopeful With Jason Hope

Jason Hope is a very well-generous philanthropist, investor and serial-entrepreneur; amongst other things. He has a drive for the digital realm and giving to charities. He grew up in Arizona, earning a BA degree and masters degree from Arizona State. His business developing skills are progressive and he specializes in start ups as well as business strategies. You can find Jason Hope on Twitter @JasonHope to continue the conversation.

As a top leader in the field of wellness, Jason hope has a drive for bettering people’s lives; and utilizing the ever-advancing technology to make this happen. He has done much extensive research on patients and anti-aging. Hope’s research concluded that exercising consistently can increase your well being and overall physical lifespan. He then went on to mention that stress of any kind is really a major factor when it comes to aging. The giving futurist advises patients to leave their place of work if it is causing too much distress and always exercise consistently to remain healthy. Starting an array of anti aging campaigns, he wishes to reach his goals of expanding info and personal awareness. His technology expertise has beamed him in far along in his studies. Jason has partnered with The SENS Research company. This is a no profit venture thats aimed to efficient research and educated solutions.

Jason Hope Tees is yet another business offering from the entrepreneur. The T-shirt LLC has a vision to be funny and on point at the same time. You may find shirts that tie news, intellect and music or shirts with messages on the front. Other shirts have jokes on them and provide comedy for the lighter audience.

Overall, Jason Hope’s strides made in the technology world, business and philanthropy has touched an abundance of global people. Some may describe him as a hero. Jason Hope donated well over a half million to one charity.  Related:


Equities First – What you Stand to Gain

Equities first Holdings is the first company of its kind especially when it comes to giving loans based on securities. It is involved in lending individual investors loans using their securities as collateral. This is rather unusual but has been well received by clients as it offers an alternative capital funding and what’s more, you are not required to specify what the money is for. It is a convenient way to access cash anytime.Equities first holdings has worked in a way of financing people’s needs despite the harsh economic conditions. With their stock-based loans the company has been able to withstand threatening economic crisis. Clients are able to access quick loans to finance their project capitals despite fluctuation economic conditions. Equities first holding has presented the best alternative for individuals needing money without the necessary qualifications that most credit facilities require. Stock based loans continues to be an option that most companies are willing to consider especially since they are characterized by low interest rates that enhance high loan- value ratio.

The company specializes in issuing fast working capitals by using stocks and bonds as well as treasuries, which serve as the loan’s collateral. The company has handled more than 2000 transactions in the past year an indication that stick based loans continue gaining popularity as a viable option. The transactions already handled translate to 2 billion in issuance but Equities holdings does not have a problem with this as it views it as normal business which makes the company stand out.

The stock based loan structure of Equities first is different from marginal loans despite the fact that both use stocks or securities as collateral. the difference between the two comes in the sense that for marginal loans a reason must be given for taking the loan whereas the stock based loan is given regardless of the reason making Equities first Holdings the best alternative funding for most people.

John Goullet Leads Top Staffing Firm Diversant

Diversant is a top technology staffing company located in North America. It specializes in helping a number of companies seek and hire technology professionals to fill various positions. Over the years, Diversant has helped many companies hire the most skilled workers to help maximize efficiency in their technology departments. The firm also assists numerous technology professionals who are looking to get employment in the field. It helps technology professionals of various backgrounds and experience levels. What has allowed Diversant to emerge as a top technology staffing firm is its core values. The firm regularly uses teamwork and discipline to reach a variety of its goals. Diversant also emphasizes diversity as a way to helping companies in a variety of industries as well as technology professionals of different skill and experience levels.

The firm Diversant is among the top technology staffing firms because of its leadership. John Goullet is the current principal of the firm and has played a vital role in making this firm a leader in the staffing industry. Goullet has a lot of experience working with technology companies. As a result, he is very aware of what these companies need in order to operate more efficiently. Along with having the knowledge of what companies need in order to operate better, John is also aware of the most in demand technology skills and therefore looks to help professionals find the ideal employment opportunity. With his knowledge and expertise, John is able to provide sound leadership and guidance to the staff which helps them provide the best assistance to both companies and technology professionals.

John Goullet joined Diversant through a merger with his own company. He founded a technology staffing firm back in the mid 1990’s to capitalize on the growing demand for technology workers. Since many companies were looking for skilled technology professionals, Goullet saw an opportunity to help companies find the technology workers they needed. Prior to getting involved in entrepreneurship, John worked as a consultant for a number of computing companies for a number of years. He helped these companies evaluate and upgrade their computer resources on a regular basis.



Equities First Holdings Experiences Rapid International Growth in 2013, Establishes Offices and Furthers Reach into Europe and Asia Pacific

Equities First Holdings is a stock-based loan providing company based in the United States. As a matter of fact, the company has sought to take over the world as one of the best options concerning the allocation of fast working capital. For you to secure a loan with the company, you just have to give them your stocks as collateral and get the fast working money. In his case, you will make sue o adhere to the contract. If you fail to bring back the money promptly, they will liquidate your stocks and get back their money. For this reason, you will have nowhere to go.

In the recent past, the company has seen growth in the intake of fast working capital during the harsh economic crisis. When the crisis sets in, banks tighten their lending capabilities. For this reason, most people fail to get the loans. Moreover, the banks also have their loans raised in interests to have most people scared away from the loans. As a matter of fact, no one has a better understanding of what to do when the crisis sets in. But for those who are wise, they understand that Equities First Holdings is the best option to contain your needs.

According to Al Christy of Equities First Holdings, the many people do not understand the differences between the stock-based loans and margin loans. For this reason, they end up worrying that the two loans are seamless. As a matter of fact, the two loans are very different in nature. For the margin loans, the use of the loan must be stated for you to qualify for the loan. However, the use of the loan is not reported for the stock-based loans for you to secure the loan. Moreover, it is now clear that the stock-based loans are better than the margin loans.

John Goullet: A Superb Entrepreneur

John Goullet is an IT tech professional and independent entrepreneur. At Ursinus College, he received his master’s degree in computer science which has led to expertise in computers and economics. His career started as an IT consultant, transitioned to staffing, then moved to entrepreneurship as he gained more experience in the workspace. Goullet founded Info Technologies (IT), a company that is today worth over $30 million and helps clients find solutions to their online problems. By merging IT with businesses such as Diversant Inc., Goullet has expanded the organization to a global scale and over 25 locations in many different countries. IT has been recognized by Forbes 500 as a powerful force and works with the magazine’s clients on issues regarding social media and research. IT takes various forms such as individual advisors, long-term strategies, and hands-on solutions. Regardless of the medium, Goullet and his team at IT are committed to making the Internet and online interaction secure and efficient for everyone. For private information, IT has the resources to keep things confidential and reveal no more than what is necessary to complete a transaction. Reviews have commended this effort and IT is an extraordinarily prominent company to this day.

In November, IdeaMensch interviewed Goullet about his company and the direction of the market in 2016. He talked about inspirations for his actions and why effective entrepreneurship is crucial for our society and all parties involved. As the principal of Diversant, Goullet has some control over all companies in the partnership and makes sure that managers receive the necessary funding toward technologies. He emphasizes that in the 21st century, businesses should be more concerned about keeping proper histories via platforms such as Electronic Medical Records. Looking at Goullet’s immense success in the fields of computer science and money management, this is a trend that other CEOs are sure to implement in the future. Other media outlets have featured Goullet for his wisdom and practical advice. He mentors younger entrepreneurs seeking to build a similarly solid reputation.