ClassDojo Raises the Bar of the Education Sector through Communication

Education technology entrepreneurs have shifted their focus towards creating a conducive communication platform for teachers, parents, and students. Edtech’s achievement stories vary in different capacities but have some common aspects. The most identified element is the art of creating a positive culture with classrooms and schools. As such, teachers are essential individuals to reach in case of gathering relevant information necessary for ground-up change. ClassDojo Entrepreneur has over time succeeded in the edtech segment due to its strategy geared towards listening to students, parents, and teachers throughout the augmentation procedure. As a result, ClassDojo attends to evolving needs of a teacher as well as pioneering for the teacher-student empowerment.

Additionally, ClassDojo plays essential roles in connecting teachers with students and parents culture consisted of in the creating of an exciting classroom community. The classroom environment entails fostering for positive culture constituted of student participation in the classroom. As a result, ClassDojo has over a short period contributed to the nurturing of students’ skills as well as teaching them kindness and the relevant of helping other people. Since its establishment in 2011, ClassDojo’s mission to create a sophisticated community has been achieved. At the moment, ClassDojo is used by over a million students, teachers and parents in approximately 90% of K-8 institutions throughout the United States and other nations.

Besides previous achievements, the San Francisco based classroom communication application pushes for future success. As a result, ClassDojo recently raised a sum totaling to $21 million to boost the education sector’s communication platform. In ClassDojo’s opinion, communication involving students and parents the entire day at school contributes to the performance of a student. Additionally, the process facilitates the analyzing method to determine the input of both students and parents during class time. According to Sam Chaudhary, ClassDojo is also figuring out the most useful features and content necessary for student empowerment and connection at school. Sam postulates that the idea of content analysis will help parents guide conversations while at home thus encouraging the development of their children while at school. At the moment, ClassDojo’s mission is to distribute its services to more parents and teachers to boost its impact.