Dr. Saad Saad Uses Perseverance for Children

Dr. Saad Saad knew he had to do something to help kids. He liked doing things for kids and knew there was a chance he could provide them with opportunities others were unable to use. Dr. Saad Saad always wanted people to see him as someone who knew what he was doing and the parents enjoyed working with him to make their children better. Between the work he put in as a surgeon and the things he did to keep giving back to others, Dr. Saad Saad felt good about what he gave people. He also felt there were times when he had to make sure everything got better.


By the time Dr. Saad Saad became a surgeon, the pediatric industry lacked a lot of surgeons. It was growing at a pace the surgeons couldn’t keep up with and Dr. Saad Saad saw that as his chance to help other people with the issues they faced. He always wanted others to realize they received the best benefits from everything they did and that’s what made it special to him. He wanted to work with surgeons who knew how to help others and that’s part of how he was doing everything the right way.


Now that Dr. Saad Saad is a successful surgeon, he sees his chance to help make others successful. He wants to train surgeons in a way that allows them to help more patients than ever. If he has a chance to make a difference for just one child, he knows it will be the best thing in the world. He always felt he could do things that would increase his chances of providing positive experiences for patients and he knew that was a necessary part of everything he did on his own.


While Dr. Saad Saad continues growing his practice and helping more people than ever, he feels confident he can give them what they want. The patients can receive a lot of help and nobody has to worry about what they’re doing to get back to the experiences they have. Dr. Saad Saad feels good about the new direction his surgery practice is taking and feels it’s something he can do for years to come. Even when he had to work to make things better, he showed people they were getting a positive experience on their own. It allowed him the chance to continue giving back.

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The Man Behind Visium Asset Management: CIO Jacob Gottlieb

In 2016, there is this announcement that came from Visium Asset management. The organization talked of how it could wind down in business due to the charges that were emanating from mis-marking of the bond. Visium Asset Management is an organization headed by Jacob Gottlieb who acts as the CIO.

Despite the challenges in Visium Asset Management, Jacob is still the principal executive who is still standing firm at Visium. Jacob is described as a captain who doesn’t abandon his sinking ship. It is after Jacob made a significant contribution when establishing the organization in 2005. Even as the organization is winding down, he still plays his role as the CIO.

Visium Asset Management has been focusing on healthcare hedge fund. When starting Visium Asset Management, Jacob had partners who left, and he was the perfect man to establish the organization. The reason behind it is that he had a degree in medical and had experience in finance. Gottlieb attained his degree in medicine from NYU’s Medicine school. When he finished his internship, he became more attracted to the economics and immediately started by searching the Wall Street for a job.

Jacob’s first job landed him at Sanford Company in 1998 where he was the organization’s buy-side analyst. He used to cover global healthcare in his position. After he worked for some years, Jacob left and continued with his career working for Merlin Biomed Group as the healthcare portfolio manager. He worked for a short period then quickly moved to work at BAM. When Jacob was working at BAM, he was building a team. He had a reputation that he created and made him be the top earner of the organization. He was looking to manage more money and together with his team started Visum Asset Management with $300 million as their seed capital.

Some members left, and they no longer work at Visium Asset management. Joshua Brown used to be the portfolio manager and partner at Visium Asset management. He is an Indiana University graduate holding a degree in finance. He spent more than a decade working at Visium, and he works currently at Paulson company as the Senior Vice President. The others who left include Steven Ku, Ron Belldegrun, and Neetu Dhaliwal.

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