Bringing Solutions to Clients at White Shark Media

At White Shark Media, clients enjoy a cost-effective, flat fee marketing solution that is geared to help their small to medium sized business succeed. There are no contracts and clients have administrative access to their Google AdWords account. After a few problems have been remarked on in the past White Shark Media has proven they are number one in customer service by listening and implementing solutions.


One concern was that customers were unsure of how to track their AdWords performance. As this is a major part of a successful AdWords campaign, White Shark Media has implemented an in-house process that allows for conversion tracking, call tracking and even Google Analytics, all free of charge.


A second concern was the lack of communications between the client and the staff. In order to fix this problem we make sure that every new client is provided with a Senior SEM Consultant who will follow up with them from start to finish. The client is also given a direct number for their personal contact person who will always be there to answer questions or concerns.


A third problem was the fact that many customers of the client were coming through their phone and not online. Since this is a big part of many businesses, we partnered up with Marchex to provide free service for every client. They will track each and every phone call that comes through to the business and White Shark Media has made it mandatory for every local business client to have.

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