ClassDojo Is Reinventing Learning

ClassDojo is something that has been making the lives of parents and educators easier, refer to for more details . It almost seems like it’s the way of the future. ClassDojo is taking the traditional classroom and putting a slight spin on it to make it easier and more accessible. ClassDojo is basically a digital classroom management tool. It’s goal is to help teachers improve students learning and behavior as well as creating better communication lines between teachers and parents. Hop over here.


ClassDojo assigns each student a fun avatar they can customize to look like themselves. Then, teachers can use it for a variety of different ways. Teachers can utilize it for homework, class participation activities, and other activities.



According to TechCrunch, ClassDojo will soon reach even more schools and parents. That’s because the app has raised $21 million in a round of funding. The website sites that this funding will help to make parents and teachers stay connected better than they ever had before. In the past, parents were limited to talking to students parents during Parent-Teacher Conferences. Those were usually only held yearly and therefore parents were never really kept in the loop. That’s all going to change with ClassDojo. ClassDojo helps everyone stay connected by offering a virtual way for parents and teachers to stay connected.


ClassDojo has seen lots of success as an educational app. It seems to be growing monumentally and with this latest grant, they’ll be able to do even more things. ClassDojo isn’t just a social network, it’s also an educational tool, and a messaging platform. As time progresses, ClassDojo does more things. They want to be able to have videos and discussions online as well as showing lessons that were done.


Overall, ClassDojo is going viral as to reinvent learning as we know it. It’s a way to bring the power of technology into schools and into the homes of students.

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