Dr. Akhil Reddy and MB2 Dental

Three Guidelines For Getting Wonderful Dental Care

If you are in need of great dental care, it starts with reaching out to MB2 Dental. this is a dental clinic that has more than 500 different employees and they operate in six different states. If you live in the Texas area, one of the main practitioners is Dr. Akhil Reddy. He is a practitioner who handles all sorts of dental care for patients who need his service. Any time that you are looking for excellent oral health care from a professional that is great at what he does, it will be incredibly easy for you to do so by reaching out to MB2 Dental.

What should I know about the MB2 Dental Clinic?

Without question, this is a dental clinic that a lot of patients but trust in. Because they can put trust in the care that this clinic provides, people keep coming back every single day. At the minimum, you need to make sure that you visit the dentist twice per year. One of these visits will usually involve thorough inspection and cleaning, while others are more of a quick checkup. Either way, Dr. Akhil Reddy is excellent at what he does and will provide you high quality dental service every step of the way.

What should I know about Dr. Reddy

He is a person who is very passionate about his dental care. He is passionate to the point that his priority is the work first, rather than just focusing on profit margins. This is evident in the fact that Dr. Akhil Reddy provides dental care for patients of every economic background. She will accept your dental insurance and allow you to get excellent oral healthcare without you having to pay a lot of money out of your own pocket. No matter what sort of oral health care you need, she is excellent and will pay attention to detail with every visit.So if this makes sense to you, start reaching out to Dr. Akil Reddy and his dental practice for more information. By doing business with MB2 Dental, you know that you are able to clean your teeth, avoid oral health infections and make sure that you are well cared for every step of the way. Contact Dr. Akhil Reddy ready any time that you need oral health care that will keep you very healthy and make sure that you look great and feel great everyday.

Interesting Facts About Avi Weisfogel and His Experiences

Dr. Avi Weisfogel is the founder of Dental Sleep Masters. He is highly experienced in the treatment of sleep and sleep disorders. Old Bridge Dental Care was his first established dental practice in 1999. After 15 years in office, he received tributes from the public. He has been the best-known dentist over a long time. He uses the opportunities that come his way in learning about how dentists and doctors help patients grieved with sleeping illnesses. He established a Dental Sleep Masters to assistance dentists through the aid of oral appliances. Through his company, he has been able to understand sleeping apnea.


This information has helped dentists find latent patients and assist them in getting treatment. Dr. Avi Weisfogel got his BA in biology and psychology from Rutgers University. He also earned a DDS from New York University College of Dentistry. He founded Healthy Heart Sleep Company in 2010. It is mandated with offering advises to physicians on establishing and managing sleeping labs across the world. He came up with the Owner Unlimited Sleep Patient forum back in 2012. Through this forum, he gave lectures to dentists on how to upsurge and attend to sleeping patients.


Sleeping apnea affects all people regardless of their ages. However, people with excess weight and the elderly are at higher risks of being infected. Almost, 50 percent of the reported cases are individuals with excess weight. This problem is as a result of fat deposits around specific body parts especially the neck and wrists.


Men are more prone to sleeping disorders than women since they have a wide neck. Similar risks are very high in patients with naturally narrow airways, enlarged tonsils or prolonged nasal blocking. Also, diabetes, high blood pressure, and perennial smokers are highly susceptible to the disorder.