Cosmetics by Doe Deere

Doe Deere is a very colorful young woman who is also known to have caused a great deal of controversy, due to her success and products. She is a fan of bright colors and elaborate makeup, which only serves to make her even more interesting. But since success breeds controversy, there are many people who would rather spread nasty rumors about the woman than to discern whether those rumors are true or not. However, it should take more than mere rumors to dissuade someone from using the product lines that Doe Deere has created.

Lime Crime is her most popular and successful line of beauty products. The packaging is meant to be very cute; it is predominately pink or purple, decorated with glittery unicorn silhouettes; the unicorn is Doe Deere’s signature image. The line is composed of eyeliner and eye shadow, nail polish and lipstick. All of the Lime Crime products are very bright and deeply saturated, available in shades that will appeal to anyone and everyone who enjoys makeup that is meant to be bright and make a statement. It is as much an adornment as a way for people to reveal their personalities through their adornment.

One of the most important things about Doe Deere’s products is that they are completely cruelty-free. What this means is: they are never tested on animals for any reason and they are free of animal products and formaldehyde. They are vegan-friendly and safe for even the most sensitive skin. As it is very common for cosmetics companies to use dangerous ingredients or test on animals these days, it is a relief for one company to stand above the others and ensure that their products are completely safe. They are certified through PETA and Leaping Bunny, which are very well-known organizations that help ensure the safety of all animals.

While Lime Crime and the rest of Doe Deere’s products may not appeal to people who are more conservative, they can be worn by absolutely everyone. Something else that people should like knowing is that they are fragrance-free as well, which means they are perfect for people who have allergies to certain scents. It can be very difficult to find a line of products that are both hypoallergenic and completely cruelty-free; those are things that sets Doe Deere’s products far above her competitors and should very much be a relief to anyone who wants to find something different than what is sold in most stores.

Despite the nasty rumors and controversy surrounding Doe Deere, her products are of very high quality and are extremely affordable. Anyone who wants to purchase something that is well worth the cost and wants to feel good about the cosmetics they are wearing, should at least give the Lime Crime line a try. They will definitely not be disappointed in what they receive! Doe Deere’s cosmetics are far better that what an individual can purchase even in an expensive boutique and they do not cost nearly as much as what one would expect to pay for a high-quality product.