Securus Helps Us Call Family Often

Securus has been the best prison calling option for some time, and they are providing a lovely service to people such as myself. We are calling family in jail every day, and I feel much better using their service every day. We reach out to more than one family member who is in jail, and I hear they are doing work with the police and other government agencies.


#1: The Voice Recognition Software


The software that is used to help recognize voices is used by Securus to help catch criminals, and I feel better knowing they are doing good things for society. It is nice to know they are doing such good work, and I feel good because I know our calls are still secure. The company does quite a lot of work protecting their system.


#2: We Call Often With Video


We have video calls every few days with someone in the family, and I know it means quite a lot to them to check in with us. We want them to know that they are supported, and I feel nice knowing I have given them something that they did not have before. They are living with a sentence that we want to see end, and we will be there when they get out. We tell them this over Securus often, and the calls help us connect.


I feel very good about speaking to family over Securus, and I know the company does quite a lot of work to ensure they are offering aid to the police. We are using the system because we need a video call that will help us connect, and I think it helps our family stay as connected as possible. We are certain we will be a stronger family when everyone gets out of jail.


Class Dojo Has Created A System To Improve Education Everywhere

Class Dojo is on a mission to improve education the world over with their innovative learning platform, which launched back in 2011. Clas Dojo’s founders, Sam and Liam, were both teachers previously and know about the areas that are lacking in education for students, a major one being in communication. The main focus is to vastly improve the level of communication that goes on between all parties in school, primarily between teachers, parents, and their students. It hasn’t taken Class Dojo very long to spread their awareness across the United States, and even some other parts of the world. Today, more than 65% of schools in the United States are using the Class Dojo platform. Class Dojo’s hope is to bring their platform in the classrooms of schools all around the world.

Sam and Liam know how important communication is for the development of children, which is where all their inspiration came from to start up the company and create their app. They did their research, and made a program that was highly accessible for all people. It can be downloaded on pretty much any device out there, including cellphones, laptops, and tablets. All that is required is an active internet connection. All that is needed to actually participate in the program and join in with students in class is an invitation from a classroom teacher, and then a few simple steps will have the app up and running. What’s better is it is completely free to use and will remain that way in the future, as they don’t want to charge people to give their kids a better experience in school.

Class Dojo has been able to successfully connect parents, students, and teachers in the classroom environment with their platform. The widespread success and quite referral of the program has allowed them to keep improving on their system and make plans for new things in the future. Class Dojo’s platform is also a story board for students, able to keep track of all the special moments that happened during the school year through pictures, stories, videos, and much more. With the continued growth of Class Dojo, schools and classrooms all around the world will enable better growth and learning for students with the use of their innovative app.