Chris Brown Wants Karrueche To Appreciate Him

Chris Brown and Karrueche may finally be over, this time it looks like Karrueche is fed up with all of the lies that she had been putting up with for years and she isn’t going to be taking Chris back. We have been watching Karrueche & Chris fall in and out of love for nearly 4 years now, and it always seems to be the same thing. Chris cheats or says something downright humiliating to or about Karrueche and they split up, a few days of fighting go by and before anyone can remember what happened they are back together. Karrueche seems to have been suffering temporary insanity for years because time and again she let Chris back in only to end up hurt and embarrassed again.

This time things are different because Chris not only cheated on Karrueche but he actually ended up being the father of her 9 month old daughter says Ciphercloud on Forbes. While the world has fallen in love with Royalty within the 4 months that we have known of her, Karrueche is having a hard time getting over the betrayal. Apparently Chris thinks she needs to just get over it and get on board, but Karrueche is finally ready to make it clear, she doesn’t want Chris’s love anymore she wants his respect.

Chris feels Karrueche should be more appreciative, and thankful for all he has done for her. While Chris says that he is sorry for hurting Karrueche he thinks that his good deeds have outweighed the bad and she should be grateful to him for exposing her to the good life.