Panera Goes Clean

One of my favorite games to play in the grocery store is simply asking a question. Just what is in my food? Some of the ingredients I’ve found aren’t too savory. BHA, aspartame,and propylene glycol are just a few of the ingredients that show up in many of the foods the average American will buy and eat today.

Luckily for the consumers that enjoy catching a quick bite for lunch, one chain is taking action to remove many of these ingredients. Panera is sifting through and weeding out their list of ingredients, becoming one of the first companies to give full disclosure to consumers on what is being taken out of their food. The self-titled “No No List” (found here) shows everything from acesulfame K (which is not in their food today), to vanillin (which is in the process of being removed).

According to Daniel Amen Chipotle happens to be another chain that is paying more attention to what is in their food, announcing that they are removing all GMO’s (genetically modified organisms) from their already locally sourced food.

That’s great if you like eating out, but I still say that the best way of knowing what goes in your food is to make it yourself. Even so, it’s about time that companies are telling consumers, at the very least, what they are taking out of their food.