Breaking the Mold With Rocketship Charter Schools

If you’ve ever wondered what a Rocketship Charter School is, then you’re in the right place. Their innovative approach to learning is just what the doctor ordered for today’s generation of kids in lower income communities.

Rocketship Charter schools are nonprofit and based in California. The first school opened in 2007. They’re headed out of Redwood, California, and pride themselves on focusing on conventional learning with a new age internet curriculum. This approach is focused on a system of core values, in which teachers build predictable environments for their students, that will reinforce their social-emotional skills.

The first Rocketship school opened in 2007 and their base is in Redwood, California. Rocketship utilizes classical teaching techniques, and combine them with learning modern fundamentals that are rooted in todays technology. This is done in environments that are always conducive to their students unique learning patterns

Rocketship, known for their trendsetting methods, now lets the students parents interview teaching candidates. This strategy helps the parents get a feel for who may be teaching their kids. And it also gives parents more of a sense of structure and responsiblity.

In addition to helping lower income kids, Rocketship has plans to build rooms at various locations that have internet access for the student’s parents. There are a lot of families who simply don’t have internet access, and having a way to submit job applications online will really help them in their endeavors. Rocketship definitely understands the importance of not only helping the kids, but in enabling the parents to be in a better position to support their families.

With a track record like this, it’s easy to see how Rocketship Charter schools are breaking the mold in the world of education. And it’s quite obvious that the best is yet to come.