Blood Diamonds Are Still Tearing Apart The Central African Republic

The Central African Republic is still suffering from lack of industrialized development and extreme poverty. This is in contrast to the wealth and value of one of its prized resources which are diamonds. Central African Republic Is Still In The Middle of the Blood Diamond Trade However, Keith Mann noted that these diamonds are not mined in a manner in which the wealth of the stones benefits the countries. Instead, the diamonds are mined illegally by various groups of warlords and mercenaries who export the diamonds outside of the country. In most cases the exporting of the diamonds are illegal and bypass normal government custom procedures. The illegal mining has even cause civil wars, such as the case in Liberia, which is still recovering from Blood Diamond related war. The Central African Republic is fairing no better. Even when it allows the legal mining of the diamonds by outside foreign interests, very little of the profits go to the people of the country. The vast majority goes to the foreign interest which have fronted the costs for the mining infrastructure. A small percentage goes to the government for permits and this amount is spilt up among the country’s elite. There are no reserves or endowments for health or education. What is bought for pennies in the CAR is sold on western and asian markets for millions. many of the diamonds are simply warehoused by the large diamond house families to maintain the value of the current world diamond supply.