Chainsmokers, Progress

With all of the hype surrounding the social media platforms Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall have something else to say about the matter. They both love electronic dance music but have chosen to use this for speaking about the problem of social media and how it negatively affects the people who indulge in such practices as trying to get as much attention as possible from the masses on networking platforms such as Facebook which is an easy trap to fall into, but this is the reason they have taken it upon themselves to address what it was that has taken so many people hostage into its deceptive grasp. Their new song Sick Boy has a lot to say about the matter and the issue has even been a source of inspiration to the Chainsmokers into their music career, because not many disk jockeys have the privilege and honor to speak about things that impact the world so thoroughly. They have toured globally and internationally and have earned themselves over fifty million dollars in revenue with their released songwriting skills. The crowds love them and it is inspiring to those who see themselves as artists with capabilities which are similar to The Chainsmokers. Yes, they have also recruited several other people to collaborate with them in order that there might be someone to accompany their beats and unique soundscape with various vocal recording that separate them from the average disk jockey and electronic dance music group. The reason they are so curiously peculiar is that they stand on the lines of hip hop, dance, and indie music as well as their homage to electronic dance music. This puts a unique spin on the current music out today and it also gives them an edge when combined with the hard work that most other artists fail to be entirely consistent with. Yes, The Chainsmokers have earned their place in the world today and it is a pleasure for many to listen to their work of creativity that inspires others to go and hone in on some of the more positive values that Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart push into the world.

The Feud Between Jennifer Lopez and Megan Fox


It’s no secret that many people love to admire celebrities from afar. There are often votes about who is the best celerity, and what they have done to reach the best celebrity status. There are also many contests about which celebrity is the “hottest” or “sexiest.”  We all know Megan Fox sexy, but that doesn’t seem to stop the feuds between A-listers.


The celebrities themselves enjoy being in the moment, in the spotlight. Many people have compared Jennifer Lopez and Megan Fox over the years to see which celebrity is more beautiful. It is up to you to decide what you think, as you are entitled to your own opinion.


While each woman is beautiful in her own way, and both are famous enfps, it is up for fans to pick which one of the two they like better based on how they look. Of course, there are many other things you should consider before picking a favorite celebrity!

You could decide that you like the Jennifer Lopez booty, or her style of clothing better because she has stunning eyes and hair. Many people have commented on how her eyes make her look very passionate about what she does.

Alternatively, you could decide that you like Megan Fox better because she has a stunning smile and lovely white teeth. You may also appreciate the fact that she has plastic surgery and has altered her looks.


It’s truly up to you to decide which one of these beautifully stunning women that you like better, and why.


Which woman do you appreciate more? Which woman has a great smile? Which woman has a wonderful clothing style? Share your thoughts below in the comments.

Michael Jackson: Impersonating the Stars

Ones clothing, voice and walking patterns are often thought to be unique but they can all be mastered and emulated by professionals. All of these elements can be matched by real life actors globally who make careers from copying the identity of popular music figures, movie actors and others.

On his Facebook page, Michael Jackson double Sergio Cortes describes himself as an artist with a special ability to sing, compose, dance and act which he believes is a special gift and not for everyone. Indeed, emulating a popular public figure is no easy task for a novice. Thus, the impersonators or doubles that have a special ability to perform their their craft are often revered in by thousands of fans and admired with much curiosity. Sergio Cortes believes that impersonating Michael Jackson is not only his vocation, but a treasured privilege.

The likeness between the Sergio Cortes impersonation of Michael Jackson and the real person is often so close that it seems that the real Michael Jackson was alive. Sergio Cortes is now considered one of the best Michael Jackson doubles since 2009. Sergio Cortes was born on July 30 and when he was a child was told by his mother that he reminded her of Michael Jackson. It was around that time that Michael was a member of the Jackson Five group and had recently commenced his music career in pop music and starting to gain international renown. This point in time marked the start of his professional career, says Cortes. “I began to watch the details of his persona as Michael performed and handled himself before media and fans. I developed a astute perception of Michael Jackson from what I saw on television. Seeing Michael on television allowed me to learn enough of Jackson’s mannerisms to successfully emulate him with a high degree of similarity.”

As a teenager, Cortes was encouraged to wear clothes like Michael Jackson and have photos taken of him that which would have a major impact on his life. It was soon after that the Sergio Cortes affinity for Michael Jackson’s music would lead him to start a career as a Michael Jackson impersonator. Cortes would go on to bigger things such as performing as Michael Jackson on American Idol in several countries and perform in shows around the world.

You can follow Sergio Cortes on Facebook and on Twitter.


Sergio Cortes Beats The Competition

If someone went o Las Vegas that might assume that a random Michael Jackson impersonator that they saw would be the best that the world has to offer. This, after all, is Las Vegas. Mariah Carey performs here. Jennifer Lopez is on her way. Celine Dion has made this home. This would naturally be the best place for MJ impersonators to roam. People that saw the MJ Experience in Las Vegas would see a good show – no doubt – but this is no the end of all be all when it comes to great Michael Jackson performances. Sergio Cortes has proved that he is the best when it comes to duplicating Michael’s stage presence. He has it mastered right down to the way that Jackson used to walk.

Even when Sergio is not ruling the stage he still manages to get fans of Michael Jackson on an uproar. He looks so much like Jackson that fans have a hard time controlling themselves. They scream with the anticipation of taking a picture with him. They look at all that he is doing in the industry today and many people just find it amazed to find such a strong representation of Michael Jackson. It is no accident though. This is years and years of practice that is finally paying off. Everyone cannot do what Sergio Cortes does. Most people do not have the dedication that he has. That is ultimately the thing that makes him one of the better representations of a strong legacy. Sergio has certainly become a leader in the industry when it comes to imitation. Much of that has to do with the studying that he does. He has studied Jackson in his fullness. There is a lot of free footage – thanks to YouTube – so it is possible for many to become a master of Jackson’s style.

Sergio Cortes has been around long enough to know about all the life that Michael Jackson built through his music. He knows about the dedication that Jackson had to his craft. This has made him the best possible person to take on the role of Michael Jackson in concerns to impersonations and tribute shows. Sergio has been able to find favor with fans of Michael Jackson because he is good at what he does. He cares about spreading all the joy that MJ brought to fans through his music.

How Does Sergio Cortes Honor The Life’s Work Of Michael Jackson?

Celebrity impersonators have been entertaining crowds for decades, and one of the newest impersonators on the scene is Sergio Cortes. Sergio has committed a lifetime of work to impersonating Michael Jackson, and Michael Jackson comes to life at every show that Sergio gives. Sergio does not impersonate MJ for the money. Sergio impersonates MJ for the love of his craft and music. The music and dancing come together in every show to honor the life of the King of Pop.

#1: Why Is Celebrity Impersonation So Important?

Celebrity impersonation is an important that has been kept up for decades. Celebrity impersonators became popular in the old days of Las Vegas, and more celebrity impersonators appeared over time. Michael Jackson impersonators were already working while Michael was alive, but Sergio’s work is the finest of all the impersonators. Sergio has altered his appearance to look just like Michael, and Sergio can sing just like Michael did.

#2: The Shows Are Carbon Copies

Sergio puts on shows that look just like the shows Michael did when he was still alive. The shows Michael did were created to entertain a generation, and each show was bigger than the last. MJ brought together music and dancing in a format that nearly every pop singer in the world uses today, but Michael’s shows were American originals. Sergio uses elements from Michael’s shows to create his own form pageantry, and the shows feature music that Michael made popular so long ago.

#3: Can People Tell The Difference?

Sergio Cortes is the best MJ impersonator in the world, and viewers at his shows can hardly tell the difference between Sergio and MJ. The character that was Michael Jackson is alive and well at each of Sergio’s shows, and the design of each show gives you a glimpse of Michael at different points in his career. There are glimpses of Michael with his white glove, with his military uniforms and his old persona as a disco singer. Adding the hat to the ensemble makes Sergio look exactly like the greatest pop singer the world has ever known.

There are many celebrity impersonators in the world today, but Sergio Cortes is the best of all of them. Sergio gives shows to honor the life and work of Michael Jackson, and each show feels like a concert given by Michael himself. Michael may be gone, but his legacy lives on with Sergio.

Michael Jackson Impersonator Sergio Cortes Keeps The King Of Pop Alive

No one can sing, dance, and entertain like Michael Jackson better than Sergio Cortes. This Spanish Michael Jackson impersonator is a true artist in his own right. He does more than just mimic Michael. The spirit of Michael Jackson seems to inhabit him. Cortes looks, dances, sings, moves, and dresses like Michael Jackson. He captivates Michael Jackson fans like no one else ever has. When people see Cortes impersonating Michael it often sends shivers down their spines. If they didn’t know any better they would swear it is Michael.

The 44 year old Cortes has been impersonating Michael Jackson ever since he was a child. While other impersonators practice Jackson’s dance moves, learn his songs, and dress like him, Cortes has physically and facially looked like Michael his entire life. As a teen local people, journalists, and photographers would follow Cortes around to watch him perform and shoot video and still photography of him. He quickly became a local celebrity and appeared on live shows and television. People that see him leave amazed that an impersonator can capture all of Michael Jackson’s mannerisms so completely.

For Cortes it is a labor of love. He has loved Michael Jackson almost his entire life. For years he imitated the king of pop just for fun. It was only after he started garnering rave reviews and drawing increasingly larger crowds that he seriously began considering impersonating Michael Jackson as a career move. It just seemed to come naturally to him. He always looked like Michael Jackson. When he added the clothing and the dance moves it was hard to tell them apart. Many impersonators can moonwalk and do some of Michael Jackson’s other dance moves, but Sergio Cortes is the complete package.

When Sergio Cortes performs as Michael Jackson, he causes quite a stir. He generates a level of excitement that is near impossible to describe. He can drive audiences into a frenzy. Since Michael Jackson’s passing in 2009, Cortes has taken his act to another level. He takes it as a personal responsibility to keep Michael’s legacy alive. The Barcelona, Spain native has been impersonating Michael Jackson since the release of the BAD album. Bunches of his videos have gone viral and have left people spellbound and dumbfounded. Countless entertainment organizations vie for his services. Through Destiny Projects Sergio Cortes performs at more shows and concerts as Michael Jackson than ever before.