Financial Advisor David Giertz: An Expert In Retirement Planning

Retirement planning expert David Giertz has a track record for providing his clients with smart, insightful information about retirement saving strategies that help them take control of their future. This is important because many people decide to retire early without proper planning. Many of them fail to plan at all and struggle to survive. Top financial advisor David Giertz offers some helpful steps for effective retirement planning.

  1. Save as much as you can in a retirement account.
  2. Identify other sources income of retirement income to ensure financial stability in retirement.
  3. Make smart investment decisions. What you invest in and how are very important.
  4. Figure out how much money you’ll need to meet your needs in retirement. Generally it takes about 15 times your annual income.
  5. Find the flexible retirement plan that’s best for you. For early retirement consider a Roth IRA if you earn under $118,000 annually or a 401(k) or traditional IRA if you earn more. Substantially Equal Periodic Payments can be used by people wishing to retire before they are age 55 to make 5 equal withdrawals before age 59 1/2 without paying a penalty.
  6. Get a brokerage account along with your retirement saving account. This offers investment and withdrawal flexibility without limitations. Put some money into a health savings account as well.

The president of the sales and distribution organization Nationwide Financial Distributors, David Giertz graduated from Millikin University with a bachelor’s degree. He then attended the University of Miami where he earned an MBA. Giertz is also a WABC certified business coach as well as a FINRA industry arbiter. Currently based in Dublin, Ohio, he teaches clients the importance properly managing their social security income.

David Giertz has worked in the financial services industry for over 30 years. He’s consider to be among America’s top financial advisors. Giertz has generated billions of dollars in revenue growth while worked for several companies. He’s a visionary, accomplished, visionary and has a track record of proven success. David Giertz has provided his valuable services to a wide array of community organizations.

Marc Sparks on Venture Capital

Marc Sparks is a business owner and strong supporter of venture capital. He believes that venture capital is one of the best ways to make a positive impact in the world. Learn more:

A lot of small business owners have great ideas, but they lack the proper capital to get started. Marc Sparks has started a variety of companies, and he has the experience that young business owners need. He now spends a lot of his time working on venture capital projects with his team. Learn more:

Mike Baur, Defining the Future of The Swiss Industry Through Accelerating Startups

For almost 20 years, the Swiss private banking sector has been influenced by individuals like Mike Baur. His first foray into the industry was as an apprentice at UBS; he also rose to the very top as the member on the board of a leading Swiss private Bank. Today, Mike Baur is dedicated to giving back to his beloved community through inspiring other great minds to become successful entrepreneurs. Mike Baur is now the co-founder of the Swiss Startup Factory. This is the leading organization in Switzerland when it comes to financing and supporting early stage startup investment. Baur founded this privately-owned startup accelerator alongside his two longtime partners.

The dedication towards guiding Swiss youths in the world of entrepreneurship is evident in the working of the Swiss Startup Factory. The amount of time that Mike Baur invests in this venture tells of the commitment he has. The Startup Factory is at an advantage due to the reliable connections that Mike Baur has in the private banking industry. This way his connections will financially complement the endeavours that the Startup Factory may indulge in. The Swiss Startup Factory offers more than just financial support, acting as the guide and mentor.

Mike Baur is also known for his role at the WorldWebForum, another startup accelerator program. This is an organisation that believes that the best was to ensure a brighter future for humanity is to motivate youths to have the courage as well as the tools to actualize their ideas. The WorldWebForum/ Next Generation provides a platform for startup experts across the globe to discuss vital elements in creating successful startups. This offers the learners a chance to get answers to their questions, get advice, as well valuable feedback. It also provides a perfect opportunity for one on ones with leaders in the industry.

Mike has also founded other ventures such as the Swiss Startup Association. Mike Baur, a qualified expert, attained his studies from the University of Rochester New York and attained an MBA. He also holds an Executive MBA from the University of Berne. His career has been profiled by the Wall Street Journal from his early days in the private banking industry to his startup investments.

Samuel Strauch Conducts An Interview With Ideamensch

The first question that Samuel Strauch was asked on Ideamensch was how did he come up with the idea to start his own real estate development firm.

Mr. Strauch responded by saying that he noticed two things about the real estate market in Miami when he settled down in South Florida. The first thing he noticed was that Miami had seen a boom in real estate development and construction. The second thing Samuel Strauch noticed was that Miami was quickly becoming a major city on the ocean and not just a vacation destination anymore. This made him realize that he could easily find international investors for his projects and developments. It also made him realize that he could easily find investors to fund and invest in his projects.

Ideamensch’s second question given to Samuel Strauch was how does a typical work day unfold for him and what does he do to make it productive. Samuel Strauch says that his days often look different from one another. Things that he does do routinely are meeting with clients, making followups on interested parties and talking with brokers, investors, potential clients, and business colleagues of his. By talking and meeting new people, Strauch says he is able to find new clients, discover new developments and properties and come up with new ideas. Samuel Strauch also says that it can actually be fun and exiting to develop and build relationships.

Another question that Mr. Strauch was asked on his Ideamensch interview was what is a business strategy that has helped him expand his real estate business and how. Samuel Strauch responded by saying you should always look at your business decisions through a lens of win-win situations. Strauch says this is way to ensure that you as well as your partners and clients end up with the very best deal.


John Goullet Leads Top Staffing Firm Diversant

Diversant is a top technology staffing company located in North America. It specializes in helping a number of companies seek and hire technology professionals to fill various positions. Over the years, Diversant has helped many companies hire the most skilled workers to help maximize efficiency in their technology departments. The firm also assists numerous technology professionals who are looking to get employment in the field. It helps technology professionals of various backgrounds and experience levels. What has allowed Diversant to emerge as a top technology staffing firm is its core values. The firm regularly uses teamwork and discipline to reach a variety of its goals. Diversant also emphasizes diversity as a way to helping companies in a variety of industries as well as technology professionals of different skill and experience levels.

The firm Diversant is among the top technology staffing firms because of its leadership. John Goullet is the current principal of the firm and has played a vital role in making this firm a leader in the staffing industry. Goullet has a lot of experience working with technology companies. As a result, he is very aware of what these companies need in order to operate more efficiently. Along with having the knowledge of what companies need in order to operate better, John is also aware of the most in demand technology skills and therefore looks to help professionals find the ideal employment opportunity. With his knowledge and expertise, John is able to provide sound leadership and guidance to the staff which helps them provide the best assistance to both companies and technology professionals.

John Goullet joined Diversant through a merger with his own company. He founded a technology staffing firm back in the mid 1990’s to capitalize on the growing demand for technology workers. Since many companies were looking for skilled technology professionals, Goullet saw an opportunity to help companies find the technology workers they needed. Prior to getting involved in entrepreneurship, John worked as a consultant for a number of computing companies for a number of years. He helped these companies evaluate and upgrade their computer resources on a regular basis.



Why The Internet Of Things Interests Jason Hope

When one thinks about Jason Hope, one of the things they think about are the many different things he has to say about technology. One form of technology that has a lot of attention from him is the Internet of Things. This is the form of technology that incorporates computer technology with household items.

One thing about the Internet of Things is that it makes things smart. As a result, people will be able to save money. There are a ton of other advantages that come with Internet of Things. Jason Hope loves learning about these technological and economical advantages that this invention has to offer.

As a futurist, Jason loves learning about the possibilities that humanity can take on. One thing about being a futurist is that one can look at all of the good and bad possibilities. Jason Hope is willing to guide people to the better possibilities so that they will be able to bring forth solutions to many different challenges facing humanity. The Internet of Things is an especially good possibility that Jason Hope encourages people to take on so that people will be able to live a safer and healthier lifestyle. Jason takes a lot of time to study about the different benefits that this futuristic technology can bring forth.

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Jason Hope is also looking at what technology could do for jobs and opportunities. There is always a possibility that certain technological advancements could have a huge impact on employment. After all, people need something to do so that they can support themselves and their families. Jason Hope has found a inspiration because of the potential that he sees in technology as humanity makes its way into the future. He knows that people are very creative in coming up with new inventions for people to take advantage of.

The Innovativeness and Entrepreneurship of Don Ressler

Don Ressler is a businessperson who has been highly recognized for his creativity. He has been the proprietor of many successful enterprises such as the Intelligence Beauty and other companies that are affiliated with it. The entrepreneur first created, and after a while, he sold it to Intermix Media. Mr. Don Ressler then joined efforts with Adam Goldenberg, who was Intermix Media’s COO, to create the Alena Media. The firm mainly offered e-commerce solutions and advertising demonstrations. The New Corp acquired the company in 2005, but unfortunately, its performance went down due to mismanagement. Ressler and Goldenberg quit the business to look for better opportunities.

The skills and experience of the two entrepreneurs in the developing online marketing business are unparalleled. They decided to establish a branding enterprise that they could control anonymously. Ressler and Goldenberg joined efforts with former employees of the Alena Media to start the Brand Ideas, which is currently known as Intelligent Beauty. The company formed various branches under it, and they include DERMSTORE, which offers skin care and cosmetics and the SENSA, which is known for providing weight loss products. The CEO of the enterprise was the former Intermix Founder and the manufacturing of it products was headed by Dr. Alan Hirsch. Intelligent Beauty has not had the best performance in the market, but DERMSTORE and SENSA have made significant progress in the industry and are earning investors a lot of money.

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JustFab was created by Intelligent Beauty under Ressler and Goldenberg in 2010 as a third party company. It received a $33 million funding from the Matrix Partner. The first creative director of the enterprise was Kimora Lee Simmons. The company was successful, and by 2010 it had 4 million members. By April 2010, it the numbers had risen to 6 million. Rho Ventures, Intelligent Beauty, Crossover Ventures, and Matrix Partners offered a $76 million funding to the founders of the business.

JustFab later expanded by creating the FabKids in January 2013. It acquired The Fab Shoes, which is an e-business website that is based in Europe. The business added about 500,000 members from the Spain and France market and another 1.5 million from the United Kingdom and Germany. JustFab had gained approximately 3 million Europe-based members in 2013. In October 2013 the firm established Fabletics after getting a $40 million funding and the main products of the enterprise are athletic wear. It expanded to have physical stores to increase its accessibility. The total funding that the firm has received is about $250 million.

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Josh Verne Discusses Success on Podcast Interview

Josh Verne recently held an interview on a podcast to talk about his business endeavors as well as what it takes to succeed. During the podcast, Josh talked about how people need to follow a few steps in order to maximize their potential. One of the key attributes that Josh Verne emphasized in the interview is that you will need to be a good leader instead of just being a boss. Verne says that leaders collaborate with their subordinates to achieve goals while bosses use their status to coerce people into reaching their individual goals. Another attribute that Verne says is critical to success is to always look for a win win situation. This entails making sure that all parties in any deal get what they are looking for. Along with exhibiting leadership and seeking a win win situation, Josh believes that in order to be successful, you need to seek a career that you truly enjoy, seek balance in your life and also listen more than you speak.


Verne is the co founder of a marketing company known as FlockU. The company specializes in e commerce, marketing partnerships and informational content. Josh looked to develop a company that will help college students gain better access to information. They will now be able to get the latest news and information about current events on campus thanks to Josh’s company. Along with providing information content, Josh has made his company available to help marketers of top brands partner up with one another. They will have the ability to more effectively market their products and services to college students as well. With this company, Josh has started up one of the more innovative business models in the marketing field.


Prior to founding FlockU, Josh Verne worked in the furniture distribution business with his family. He helped his family business establish itself as one of the leading furniture retailers in the area. Verne first worked in the warehouse before advancing to positions of higher amounts of responsibility. This would help him gain valuable work experience in the retail industry. Josh would then go on to work for retail companies as a sales representative. During this time, he would help retail companies generate very impressive sales numbers. When he was working at various retailers, Verne helped generate up to $200 million in sales. Once he reached this level of success, he decided to become an entrepreneur. He started up his first company Workpays shortly after he resigned from working as a sales representative.

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