Try Equites First First

You might own stocks and bonds or some other type of equity that is traded on the stock exchanges. At the same time, you might be trying to get a loan for your business.

Did you consider an equity loan? Yes, it is possible to use those equities as collateral for a loan. If you own a business and are in need of immediate cash, an equity loan would be of particular value to you and more information click here.

If you try a conventional lender, you will find that they have a myriad of regulations that pertains to equity loans. They will need a financial statement from you, and a business plan to let them know the purpose of the loan. On top of that, they can only lend a small loan to value ratio, at a very high interest rate. Even worse is the fact that there is some government regulations that tell them which equities they can take as collateral.

That kind of defeats the purpose of the ’emergency’ loan, right? It will be at a high interest rate, with low funding for a lot of value.

Try First Equities US. They will lend at a ratio as high as 80% of the value of the equities, unlike conventional lenders.

They will not ask the purpose of the loan, and they do not want a business proposal. Their interest rate is much, much lower than conventional lenders. They are a private company, not a bank or conventional lender. They are not subject to the same regulations as conventional lenders and contact the company.

Now you see where Equities First US got its name. Try them first!

TOWN Residential Helping Young Buyers Find the Right Neighborhood

Buyers of NYC properties already know what they want before they contact a real estate agent, like those at TOWN Residential, today. They want to live in the neighborhoods where they are already clubbing and dining after working long hours and before returning to work at home even more hours, says an article recently published in Mansion Global.
Manhattan real estate remains a very popular choice with these high-end technologically savvy buyers. Those NYC properties located within the Tribeca area demand top dollar. Many of these buyers are already active with events at Washington Market Park or love to eat in the top restaurants that dot this triangle of land. When looking to buy NYC real estate, they are often buying complete buildings and renovating them into extremely large living spaces.
NYC properties located within the West Village also demand top prices, according to the agents at TOWN Residential. These buyers often adore the history behind these brownstones and want to restore the inside of them to meet their own needs. They also adore the thought of owning these prestigious addresses. The fact that TOWN Residential has an office right in the neighborhood is attractive to many buyers.
Others looking to buy NYC properties are looking at properties within Greenwich Village. Long known for its bohemian charm, young professionals are quickly replacing the old aristocrats in this neighborhood. Many of these professionals want to watch the action of street performers without having to travel to another neighborhood. Again, the fact that TOWN Residential has an office right in this neighborhood gives buyers an added advantage.
The last set of NYC properties that are highly popular with these young professionals are those on the east side of Manhattan. The lure of designer clothes shopping and international cafes often draw buyers to this neighborhood.
Regardless of where these buyers end up, they are buying a lifestyle that matches their own interests. These buyers are looking to invest in the future. Yet, they want to preserve a way of life that makes each neighborhood unique.

Sanjay Shah Is The Cool CEO and Dad

Sanjay Shah has gained not only the respect of his family for what he has done as a father and as a businessman. He has also gained the respect of his children for being a cool dad and a cool CEO. It is not every day that a father is able to book rappers like Flo Rida and Tyga at their event, Autism Rocks, which he runs with his wife Usha. They have talked in the past about how this is something very important to them as they have a child with autism. Not only does it help them, but it also helps people in the autism community that are going through a similar situation.

It was mentioned that he was cool and it is not often that daughters refer to their dad as cool, but he has earned it. In the past, this event has also had such performers as Prince, Lenny Kravitz, Michael Bublè and Drake in London and Dubai. Sanjay Shah Denmark wife has said she wanted to reach out to the youth this year, which is why they went with Flo Rida and Tyga. There is a lot that people don’t understand about autism and that is truly a shame. The more they know about autism, they more they can help a kid with autism. Sometimes an autistic kid can feel very alone. Maybe now he can have new friends that understand what he or she is going through in their day-to-day life.

This is the same Sanjay Shah that gave up medicine to become an accountant before finally becoming his own boss as the CEO of Solo Capital. He has never done things the conventional way and that is something to be admired about him. Many people feel as though there is only way to do things and there are not other options out there. Sanjay Shah is proving there is more than one way to do things in this lifetime. It is all about doing what makes the individual happy and making their life the best it possibly can be for now and well into the future.

Brian Bonar and his Chef, Patrick Ponsaty, Keen on Making Bellamy’s the Best Restaurant in California

Engineer and financial executive, Brian Bonar, is the proud owner of Bellamy’s Restaurant located in Escondido, San Diego, California. Brian Bonar has put Gianina Pickens, his stepdaughter, in charge of managing the day to day operations of the restaurant. Patrick Ponsaty is the master chef in charge of the incredible French cuisine served at the restaurant.

Ponsaty is reminded of home (Toulouse, France) every time he looks at the beautiful hills of Escondido. He is thrilled to work for Brian Bonar because of the incredible freedom he enjoys. He dreams of transforming the Bandy Canyon Ranch into a dining heaven for customers as he has been able to achieve at Bellamy’s Restaurant.

In 2012, Ponsaty earned the title of Meilleurs Ouvrier de France. This is an incredible feat to achieve in California. The Frenchman has not let this prestigious award go to his head, rather, he uses the acknowledgement to fuel his desire to be the best in the region. Other accolades won by Ponsaty include Bernard’O, La Bastide, MOF and Mistral at Loews Coronado Bay Resort. Learn more about Brian Bonar:

Ponsaty has gained widespread recognition as a master chef working in Candida. His menu is top-notch and French-inspired with local mushrooms, monkfish wrapped with bacon and served with morels, wild boar, duck sauvage, and tender caneles. The dessert menu consists of dishes like shoulders and pastry head above frilly macarons.

Ponsaty formerly worked at Rancho Bernardo Inn’s El Bizcocho restaurant as the executive chef. He was famed for his classic cooking. While at the restaurant, he tutored Garvin Kaysen.

In 2003, under his tutelage, Kaysen came 3rd in the world at the National Trophy of Cuisine and Pastry held in Paris, France. Ponsaty has been actively involved in the development of Bellamy’s and its related ventures including a downtown pizza place, Bandy Canyon Ranch and the Italian Next Door.

Brian Bonar

Brian Bonar is a successful industry executive and entrepreneur in the world of finance. Bonar is the head of Trucept, Incorporated and has an extensive business background having served in various top executive positions in the financial industry including Dalrada Financial Corporation.

Bonar studied technical engineering at James Watt Technical College. He later attended, and graduated, from Stafford University with a Masters in Mechanical Engineering.

Bonar worked as a procurement officer at IBM before moving to QMS Inc. in 1984. He stayed at the company for four years working as a Director of Engineering. In 1988, he moved to Rastek Corp. and served as the Sales and Marketing V.P. He joined Dalrada Financial Corp. In 1992 and served as the Technology Sales Director.

Brian Bonar also started a firm called Bezier System. Over the years, he has specialized in M&A deals. Bonar has combined his engineering education and financial experience to become a force to be reckoned with in the financial sector.

Sam Tabar Makes a Move to Schulte Roth & Zabel

Sam Tabar has made a move to Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP, a New York based law firm as an attorney in charge of hedge funds at the. Taber is the former head of capital introduction for Asia-Pacific region for the Bank of America Corp.’s Merrill Lynch & Co. unit.

In a reply to Bloomberg News email, Tabar who joined the company as a senior lawyer around October disclosed he will be operating from New York. He stated that, his new job discretion now is to liaise with existing clients whiles creating new opportunities and building new relationships with Asia-based managers and investors.

Sam Taber is a renowned attorney and business strategist currently based in New York. He also has expertise in fund raising and business development. He graduated from the Oxford University with honor in 2001.

After his graduation, Tabar served as Associate Editor of the Columbia Business Law Review. He also worked with Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher and Flom LLP as an Associate. In September 2004, he worked with Sparx Group/PMA Investment Advisors as a counsel and with his hard work and dedication was promoted to Managing Director & Co-Head of Business Development. At PMA, he was in charge of the global market and investor relations for $2 billion hedge fund. He implemented a strategic marketing plan which focused on institutional investors, large family offices and ultra-high net worth clients worldwide.

Tabar made a move to the banking world in February 2011, when he became the Director and Head of Capital Strategy for the Asia Pacific at the Bank of America Merrill Lynch. His hobbies includes traveling and event hosting.

Founded in 1969, Schulte Roth operates in New York, Washington DC and London. The firm serves more than half of the 100 prominent hedge funds and other investment funds.

Schulte Roth & Zabel has witnessed a rise in clients from Asia who have interest in US regulatory development as it allocated about 1oo lawyers whose main duties is to represent alternative investment funds and their managers. This resulted in a record $103.8 billion invested in Asian Hedge funds.

Tabar acknowledged the recent growth of the Asian industry on Twitter, and how demanding it has become. This he said calls for excellent legal advice.

Bernardo Chua and OrganoGold Soar to New Heights

Bernardo Chua, the CEO of OrganoGold, is a leader who is committed to smart entrepreneurship. As a highly intelligent businessman, Chua has established a massive extended enterprise to provide high-quality products.

Chua’s success is most visible in the earnings reports of OrganoGold. Since its creation in 2008, OrganoGold has earned massive profits by providing excellent profits. This success is a direct result of Chua’s masterful business skills; thorough networking and branding efforts have allowed OrganoGold to drastically reduce costs to provide coffee across the world.
OrganoGold’s Rapid Expansion

In 2008, OrganoGold operated in about 15 countries. In just seven years, the gourmet coffee company expanded rapidly. In 2015, OrganoGold operated in 39 countries. The most recent country to join Chua’s coffee empire was Turkey. Since Turkey is the cultural capital of the coffee world, this expansion is a symbolic victory for Chua and OrganoGold. Since Chua can successfully sell coffee in Turkey, he can sell coffee anywhere in the world. Turkey is also an important hub for expanding a distribution network in Eurasia.

While it may seem unlikely that purists of the Turkey coffee culture would even considering buying coffee from OrganoGold, Chua has used a clever strategy to avoid competition with local products. Instead of advertising that OrganoGold products are better than Turkish varieties, Chua placed a heavy emphasis on health benefits.

OrganoGold coffee is blended with ganoderma, a Chinese herb that promotes organ health and longevity. By advertising the benefits of this herbal coffee, Chua appealed to many Turkish consumers who value health and active lifestyles. With this strategy, Chua expects OrganoGold to continue to expand in the future.  Read more about Bernardo on Facebook.

A Look at American Entrepreneur, Marc Sparks

According to NBCDVD, Marc Sparks is an American entrepreneur and business man who resides in Dallas, Texas. For a long period of time he has participated in the development of startups. He is a religious person and attributes the different challenges and difficulties we go through to God.

Through his private equity firm, he has been able to successfully offer his assistance to individuals who are seeking to start their own company. The services that he offers allows a business or company develop its long term and short term goals. His career life has seen him been involved in various companies and businesses. He has worked at Splash Media, Cardinal Telecom and Blue Jay Wireless – and

He is also actively involved and has invested a great deal in real estate, venture investing and business solutions. In addition to his business life, he is also a philanthropist. While in Texas, he has participated in participated in philanthropic initiatives that are driven towards improving the welfare of humanity.

He works with Samaritan Inn which provides shelter to the homeless. He has worked with this organization since the late eighties. Through this he is able to help individuals who are willing to help themselves. He has also constructed houses in conjunction with Habitat for Humanity thereby improving the livelihood of many individuals. He also works closely with American Can.

He has also managed to break the cycle of poverty by granting more than a thousand kids computers through Sparky’s Kids Foundation.   As part of his recreation and winding activities, he gets involved in hunting, fishing, biking and taking some adventurous travel. Learn more by clicking the links below:

What a Venture Capitalist like Marc Sparks Wants From A Presentation
In an effort to encourage people that they can make it irregardless of their school performance, he wrote a book called They Can’t Eat You. The book basically inspires readers that being a C student is not a sure path to failure. He hopes that through the book, one can learn invaluable lessons from unsuccessful ventures.

It gives hope to all business people who are about to give up and assure them that it is possible to achieve their dreams.

He attributes his motivation and success to faith, savvy monetization, passion, focus, tenacity and speed. He says that as an entrepreneur one can achieve success if the combine these qualities with treating people the best way with respect and transparency.

His influence in the business world is well-known and felt that if one checks the word serial dictionary in the dictionary, one can easily find Marc Sparks’ picture. His thirty five years’ experience in the industry can be attributed to this.

Marc Sparks also says that his lack of fear to lose or make a mistake when making business decisions is mainly because of God whom he believes enables him overcome all fears.

Kyle Bass Is From Argentina; Are His Loyalties There?

Many don’t realize that Kyle Bass ( is from Argentina because he manages a hedge fund in Texas. Some think he’s Mexican, some could probably care less; but everyone should know where he’s from because of the things going on in Argentina currently. A socialist despot has been in control there over a decade, and her name is Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner. De Kirchner is so bad with money that under her leadership Argentina has economically defaulted twice. This happened in a period of only thirteen years; yet somehow Kyle Bass, famous financier, has nothing negative to say about Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner’s leadership. When one hears this, and then considers Bass’ claim to fame, there’s nothing but suspicion to cast toward the gentleman.

Bass hit the financial scene with his legs pumping like a racer’s. In 2008 America’s sub-prime lending market collapsed, and who was there with a smirk and an “I told you so” but Kyle Bass? Bass predicted the fall in advance, forcing people to take him seriously. He continues to make predictions and mete out financial advice, but most of his predictions fall flat, and his advice is less than advisable. Consider, for example, Bass’ hedge fund. It usually does worse than other funds of the same type which are mediocre, and known to be. How is that the case from a man so savvy as to pick up on a trend the higher-ups in US government missed? And how did he refrain from making money off his own people during their economic troubles in Argentina? Well, it only makes sense if the man is a lackey of de Kirchner’s, and the next bit of evidence practically proves it.

CAD stands for the Coalition for Affordable Drugs. CAD forces big-ticket pharmaceuticals to decrease the cost they sell their products for. This lowers their stock value on the market, and Kyle Bass short sells his holdings. He makes millions of dollars this way, and the big ticket pharmaceuticals are forced to cut funding because their margins have decreased. Sometimes CAD has been able to devalue a product as much as ninety percent, literally decimating profits. How can a pharmaceutical afford Research and Development when such activity would put them in the red? They can’t, R&D has to go, and future advances are curtailed.

All these things match the activity of an individual working with the interests of non-Americans in mind. Not only do Bass’ actions devalue economic ability in America, congress is trying to shut down the legal loophole he’s exploiting. The only way to do that is to make Bass’ actions illegal, and that means restricting the liberty of everyone in the country. Bass is using proper channels to advance his means, after all.

Squaw Valley Holdings Wins The Incorporation Battle

Andy Wirth is the president and CEO of Squaw Valley Holdings, a company located in Lake Tahoe. His main objective while working in the resort is ensuring that the ski area is the top tourist destination internationally.

During his term as the CEO of the resort, Andy Wirth has worked hard to improve the environmental and also the community service institution in the community. He wants the area to be the best for everyone, regardless of their age.

He had a nearly fatal accident while skydiving. He spent three months in hospital recovering, and several surgeries were performed on his arm. After the fatal accidents, he realized how difficult it can be to get back to playing, and that’s when he co -founded the Ironman team. Their group is known as Wounded Warrior Support. The main aim of the group is to honor the fine men participating in the Navy SEALs. The team has been supportive, raising funds for the Navy Foundation.

Andy Wirth and the communities in Lake Tahoe have been having sleepless nights for some years now. The whole area has not been experiencing enough rains, and this affected the winter resorts and the small businesses that depend on the resorts. The north shore communities were having a disaster. Almost all the businesses, regardless of the specialization.

The drought was not the only problem that Andy and his community were facing. A certain group in the community wanted Olympic Valley to be incorporated, and this brought political instability in the area, worsening the already bad situation. Olympic Valley is the area that houses Squaw Valley Holdings and many other important winter resorts in Lake Tahoe.

However, Andy Wirth and the Tahoe community can afford a smile. Things seem to be getting in place after several years. All issues seem to be getting solved, and if the people work hard, the environment in the area will return to normal. First of all, nature offered them early storms, bringing an end to the long-lasting drought.

The early storms from Mother Nature were accompanied by very cold temperatures. This has never been experienced in the past ten years, and the community took advantage of the situation and opened their resorts and businesses earlier than usual. This means that they will make more money than usual, compensating their loss.

The group in the community that was supporting the incorporation effort has also withdrawn, bringing the much-needed calm in the political climate. The incorporation of Olympic Valley would have resulted in high taxes to the community, and this means that the people’s problems have all been solved.

Andy Wirth’s organization had spent thousands of dollars opposing Olympic Valley Incorporation, and the withdrawal from the backers of the motion will serve as a victory to the Squaw Valley Holdings.

Source: the Reno Gazette-Journal

Investing for Middle-Class Americans

Today’s economic downturn has resulted fewer people putting money into savings or other investments than ever before. Despite the fact the average American understands that saving for future needs as well as retirement are important, when they discover they will earn less than 1/2% in traditional bank savings accounts they are less driven to put hard earned pennies away for the future. CEO Brad Reifler of Forefront Income Trust understood there was a need that required a unique perspective and designed a plan to meet the ever-increasing needs of middle-class America.

Traditionally the upper 1% of high-net-worth clients, known in the industry as accredited investors, were the sole focus of companies specializing in investment. Individuals and institutions that fell into that category were making $200,000 or more per year or had a net worth exceeding one million dollars. Reifler realized after many years in the industry that this left 99% of Americans undeserved. As a result, he created Forefront Capital Trust specifically to served what became known as non-accredited investors so they were provided with the same investment opportunities as accredited investors.

Reifler’s programs were designed to generate 8% return on investments. To ensure clients were protected to the maximum extent possible, his design included a limitation whereby his company would make no money until the investor earned no less than 8% on their investment. Rather than, like him, lose 40% on his children’s college fund as well as discover his father-in-law couldn’t invest at all because he was unaccredited, he determined there had to be a solution for middle-class Americans.

It’s common for middle-class investors in today’s market to be hesitant, especially when dealing with few assets. With a slow recovery after the 2008 financial crisis and current state of world economies, stocks and trusts seem to provide the least stability to to those with limited funds. To increase client understanding and build trust, Reifler also instituted programs to educate and create clarity for potential clients. Investors soon found that minimal risk was involved to achieve the financial stability and security desired.

Brad Reifler was best known in Wall Street as the founder and CEO of Pali Capital, Inc. Leading that company to more than $200 million in revenue per year with worldwide expansion by 2008, he left to create Forefront Income Trust. As a financial professional, he is now blazing new trails into a previously untapped market.  Check out Brad’s Twitter where he comments on financial news quite a bit.