Warren Buffett is Right when it Comes to Investing

Wealthy investor and businessman Warren Buffett has placed a large $1 million wager on the belief that he can make better investment returns than a large group of hedge fund managers by just investing in an S&P 500 passive index fund. The wager will be decided this year and Warren Buffett is expected to win.

Buffett and Tim Armour are supportive of cheap and simple investments that are made and held for a lengthy period of time. Mr. Buffett believes in “bottom-up investing” which involves strongly analyze companies and building a lasting portfolio. Warren Buffett has become to voice behind getting Americans to save more as they near retiring and to begin investing and to continue to invest.

Warren Buffett addressed a letter to shareholders where he dispelled the “active versus” debate, saying it does not help investors. Buffett has poured over mounds of research and discovered two filters that will separate the strong investors from the weak and they are low expenses and high manager ownership. The key is also to find managers who invest a lot of their own money and learn more about Timothy.

Timothy Armour and the chairman and chief executive officer of Capital Group, which runs American Funds. Tim Armour has over 35 years of investment experience with Capital Group. Early in his career he worked as an equity investment analyst, where he covered global communications and American service companies. Armour began his career with Capital Group as part of the Associates Program and resume him.

Tim Armour received a bachelor’s degree in economics from Middlebury College. He currently resides in Los Angeles, California. Timothy Armour has been featured in several business magazines including Financial Times, Bloomberg and Creditor Weekly. He’s also appeared on MSNBC and CNBC talking about investing and when to do it and not to do it. He’s ready to assist anyone when they need advice on investing and tips for surviving in an unstable environment and Tim’s lacrosse camp.

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Andrea McWilliams Working Towards A Better And Improved State

Andrea McWilliams is well known in the Texas political scene and is a role model for many people. She has worked hard to become one of the top political strategists in the country, and is also known for her philanthropists work. Andrea McWilliams along with her husband runs the McWilliams Governmental Affairs Consultants and has many Democrats and Republics as their clients. She has been in the industry for long and has a high social and political circle that also allows her to raise funds for her philanthropic work.


Being one of the top Texas Lobbyist, Andrea McWilliams is working hard to improve the state and bring a change in the community that can bring people together for the benefit of the state and the country. Recently, she was one of the top reason why a bill that granted $100 million to set the first highly advanced coal power plant in the state was passed recently. It will not only improve the energy problem in the state but also offer a lot of people jobs that will help in the development of the state.


Andrea McWilliams work closely with many charitable organizations in the state and throughout the country as well. Some of the top ones that are close to her heart are HeartGift, Mexi-Arte Museum, Waterloo President’s Council, Elizabeth Ann Seton Hospital, Rise Across Texas Challenge, Texas Lyceum and others. She has put in a lot of effort to preserve the heritage and culture of the state so that the future generation can witness it. She was also the President of Inherit Austin that works towards preserving th e important architectural landmark of the city. She has also been part of the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation and has helped raise millions of dollars for it.


Andrea McWilliams is known for her work in the state and also mentors young entrepreneurs in the country who wants to do something for the betterment of the society.




One Planet Award Winning CEO, Troy McQuagge

Troy McQuagge is one the industry’s leading minds, as an entrepreneur and corporate executive he has made major strides in today’s bustling world of business. From Panama City, Florida, Troy received his education from the University of Central Florida. Currently Troy McQuagge resides in Coppell, Texas.

Troy started his career early in health insurance sales and spent the bulk of his career there, mastering the arts of business and salesmanship. He later went on to join the Allstate Insurance team in 1983 before moving on to the UICI/Health Market where he joined the Student Insurance Division of United Insurance Companies Inc. He was then named the president of UICI’s insurance agency, UGA, early in1997. Under his leadership UGA set numerous sales records within the single-year category. In 2006 the corporate name of UICI was changed to HealthMarkets and spearheading the task with leading all sales and marketing efforts was none other than Troy McQuagge.

He then joined the USHEALTH Advisors, a subsidiary of USHEALTH Group in 2010, and was then named CEO and President. He then began to manage the sales profitability of health insurance, targeting primarily those under the age of sixty five.

McQuagge has been the recipient of various awards or otherwise responsible for the acquisition of awards given to corporations he has led. HealthMarket’s marketing firm, Agency Marketing Group (AMG) was able to exceed the one billion dollar mark in annual premium sales volume and was then recognized as the Insurance Sales Organization of the Year by Selling Power Magazine as well as the Stevie Awards. Troy has also been named CEO of the Year as well as The Most Innovative CEO award in 2016 and Tory on facebook.

Troy has also won the gold in the prestigious One Planet Business and Professional Excellence Awards in 2016. “It’s an honor to be named by One Planet Awards to receive this esteemed industry and peer recognition,” said Mr. McQuagge. “In reality, this award belongs to everyone at USHEALTH Group, Inc. It is a testament to our company’s ongoing commitment to solve the healthcare affordability problem for customers by providing them with innovative coverage that can grow as their healthcare needs grow” The One Planet Awards recognizes companies that achieve the highest standards in their business and professional excellence. A link to the original article can be found here: http://www.prweb.com/releases/2017/01/prweb13954535.htm

Equities First And Their High Value Loan Programs

Equities First has a hig-value loan program that may be used by clients at any time when they are in need of a large influx of cash. The company offers a program that does not require justification, and this article looks at how the company offers its loans to anyone who has a high personal value or a high company value. There are many reasons to take out a loan of this style, and Equities First is there to help.

#1: High Value For Personal Or Business Accounts

Any large business or single customer may leverage their large personal wealth to secure a loan from Equities First. The company asks for very little in the way of financial information, and they will help the client close their loan as quickly as possible. There are many possibilities when the customer comes to the company for help, and they may take out a loan in the exact amount they require.

#2: The Company Works With Companies

There are many companies that will find it much easier to use the firm at Equities First because they need a one-time payment of cash. They may use the cash that they receive from the company to complete. A number of tasks, and they will notice there are many ways for the company to offer the money they need. They may send one lump sum to the company when they close, or they may send the money in installments. There is a way to fund a large business, and they may take terms that help them pay back money quickly.There are many businesses and individuals who may use Equities First for their loan services, and they may contact the company today for aid. They may fill out an application, and they will have an answer on their loan soon.

Read Full article : https://www.glassdoor.co.uk/Overview/Working-at-Equities-First-Holdings-EI_IE1401879.11,34.htm

Choosing A Reliable Investment Banking Firm

Every day many people go online searching for information about investment banking and investment banking professionals. Investment banking is a great way to get into the lucrative field of investments and people want to make sure that they sign up with a reputable expert or investment firm that renders the guidance they need to reach their goals.

Investment banking has become increasingly popular as a way to accumulate wealth and reach financial success. Investment banking is a proven way to raise funds for business expansion or other related needs. With the ease of getting started in this fabulous industry, many different investors and firms consider it as a viable opportunity.The decision to get started in the investment banking arena is a wise one, however, it is absolutely not advisable to start without consulting a competent investment advisor.

If you are considering starting in the investment arena, particularly investment banking, it is advisable that you consult a highly reliable firm or advisor for proper guidance.If you are thinking about getting into the investment banking arena and need trusted advisor, look no further than Martin Lustgarten – a top rated investment professional and founder of Martin Lustgarten Investment Firm.

Martin Lustgarten is founder and CEO of Martin Lustgarten Investment Banking Firm a popular firm that provides a vast range of financial and investment services to clients across the world. Clients are always raving about the top quality service and fabulous outcomes they have received from Martin Lustgarten. He works hard and makes it a top priority to achieve excellent returns on clients’ investments.

Martin Lustgarten is a highly regarded investment professional and has catered to numerous clients around the world. No matter how complex the investment banking issue, Martin can address it appropriately. He is well experienced in the field and he uses his expertise and experience to meet the needs of both beginner investors and veterans. Martin has top notch resources and a great team of professionals and can render the quality guidance and advice you need to succeed in the investment banking field.

The Perfect Choice for Portfolio Management

Diversity is key in putting together the perfect portfolio and in order to reach that level there is a need for professional assistance. Luckily for the nation there is a means to do that. Brad Reifler, the CEO and founder of Forefront Capital, has created a corporation that seeks to unleash the same level of investment programs to members of the middle class as what was originally thought to be only available to members of the elite.

Reifler has always been a financial minded individual. His father in law, eighty years old at the time, wanted Reifler to invest his life savings. In the process of doing so Reifler discovered that the means to do this were extremely difficult, given that his father in law was a member of the middle class. The road was long and arduous and in order to assist future customers in avoiding such a nightmare Reifler created Forefront Capital as a solution.

Reifler created the Forefront Income Trust in order to provide a more organized and structures means for members of the middle class to find investment opportunities. With the Trust, middle class investors are allowed to invest a minimum amount of $2,500. These investment options are higher risk than others, but Forefront offers mitigation and professional support so that chance of loss is at a minimum.

While Forefront was created with the individual middle-class investor in mind it has since branched out into many different avenues. Branches include Forefront Advisory, Forefront Capital Management and Forefront Capital Markets. These branches extend the effectiveness of Forefront and create a global encompassing environment for investors across the the world to take advantage of. The success of Forefront is based on banking, portfolio management and advisory roles. Without their expert levels of advice and portfolio organization many business professionals would not be able to reach the same level of success as their more elite brethren. Forefront Capital and Brad Reifler offer not only a solution to the issue of investment opportunity but peace of mind as well in the process.  Check out Brad on Twitter @BradleyR.

Brian Bonar and his Chef, Patrick Ponsaty, Keen on Making Bellamy’s the Best Restaurant in California

Engineer and financial executive, Brian Bonar, is the proud owner of Bellamy’s Restaurant located in Escondido, San Diego, California. Brian Bonar has put Gianina Pickens, his stepdaughter, in charge of managing the day to day operations of the restaurant. Patrick Ponsaty is the master chef in charge of the incredible French cuisine served at the restaurant.

Ponsaty is reminded of home (Toulouse, France) every time he looks at the beautiful hills of Escondido. He is thrilled to work for Brian Bonar because of the incredible freedom he enjoys. He dreams of transforming the Bandy Canyon Ranch into a dining heaven for customers as he has been able to achieve at Bellamy’s Restaurant.

In 2012, Ponsaty earned the title of Meilleurs Ouvrier de France. This is an incredible feat to achieve in California. The Frenchman has not let this prestigious award go to his head, rather, he uses the acknowledgement to fuel his desire to be the best in the region. Other accolades won by Ponsaty include Bernard’O, La Bastide, MOF and Mistral at Loews Coronado Bay Resort. Learn more about Brian Bonar: http://www.whitepages.com/name/Brian-Bonar

Ponsaty has gained widespread recognition as a master chef working in Candida. His menu is top-notch and French-inspired with local mushrooms, monkfish wrapped with bacon and served with morels, wild boar, duck sauvage, and tender caneles. The dessert menu consists of dishes like shoulders and pastry head above frilly macarons.

Ponsaty formerly worked at Rancho Bernardo Inn’s El Bizcocho restaurant as the executive chef. He was famed for his classic cooking. While at the restaurant, he tutored Garvin Kaysen.

In 2003, under his tutelage, Kaysen came 3rd in the world at the National Trophy of Cuisine and Pastry held in Paris, France. Ponsaty has been actively involved in the development of Bellamy’s and its related ventures including a downtown pizza place, Bandy Canyon Ranch and the Italian Next Door.

Brian Bonar

Brian Bonar is a successful industry executive and entrepreneur in the world of finance. Bonar is the head of Trucept, Incorporated and has an extensive business background having served in various top executive positions in the financial industry including Dalrada Financial Corporation.

Bonar studied technical engineering at James Watt Technical College. He later attended, and graduated, from Stafford University with a Masters in Mechanical Engineering.

Bonar worked as a procurement officer at IBM before moving to QMS Inc. in 1984. He stayed at the company for four years working as a Director of Engineering. In 1988, he moved to Rastek Corp. and served as the Sales and Marketing V.P. He joined Dalrada Financial Corp. In 1992 and served as the Technology Sales Director.

Brian Bonar also started a firm called Bezier System. Over the years, he has specialized in M&A deals. Bonar has combined his engineering education and financial experience to become a force to be reckoned with in the financial sector.

The Madison Street Capital Difference

Over the years, financial proceedings have been a day-to-day reality of owning and operating several tech startups in the United States. These startups have ranged from tiny, independent facilities on slideshare.net that we ended up selling the rights for and moving on to entities that grew from a small two-man shop into a mid-sized company that was eventually acquired by one of the largest Software as a Service companies in America. That being said, I am aware, now more than ever, of the importance of having a trusted, reliable independent third party financial company at your side during major business transitions.

The following video serves as a simple, relatable explanation of what Madison Street Capital does. As a business valuation and corporate advisory firm, Main Street Capital serves not just as an advisory partner when it comes to major business decisions, but works as an independent third party helping to guide you to making the best decision possible. Business is always personal, and it is often hard to separate those personal feelings from business decisions.

As the video states, Madison Street Capital uses the latest and greatest analytical tools when making any decision, ensuring you and your business on madisonstreetcapital.org are given the best information possible. Their respected company guides clients through decisions on the buying side, selling side and corporate divestiture process. Similar to this explainer video, their work is smooth and seamless.

Many people often believe that utilizing an independent third part in business valuation and corporate advisory situations is only a good choice for the largest enterprise corporations. That is not true. Madison Street Capital and its team of seasoned financial experts serve as a partner delivering value in a broad range of industries, including emerging firms and businesses and the most well-established mid size corporations.

Whenever an extra element of care is needed, or business decisions have a layer of complexity, Madison Street Capital serves as a go-to resource that can always be trusted. Their team of experts provides you and your business with a fully independent, third-party financial fairness opinion that can be “taken to the bank,” as the expression goes. Please take a moment to watch the video below and learn a little bit more about Madison Street Capital.

No Copyright Infringement With Demna Gvasalia Balenciaga Bags

Copyright infringement claims were raised against Demna Gvasalia by the fashion community in Thailand for its Balenciaga bag collection. The community asserted that the jumbo striped, “rainbow” bags were replicas of the traditional Thai bag.

Referred to as the “Sampheng bag,” the Thai version sells for under a buck and is a and is visible everywhere. Retailers and consumers clamor for the bag because it offers plenty of room for merchandise its ease and is comfortable to handle.

In response to the accusations, the Department of Intellectual Property Thailand released a statement about the claims leveled at designer Demna Gvasalia. “It’s unlikely anybody can sue Balenciaga because the materials and shapes are different.” The department contends that although the bags have a similar design, they are not replicas. They said that although the bag is used in Thailand, it’s not illegal for it to be used elsewhere in the world. For a true replica to be sold, it must be manufactured in the color, shape, pattern and fabric. The Department of Intellectual Property stated in most copyright infringement claims, there is a fake trademark sewn or imprinted on the article in question. This bolsters consumers belief’s it’s a recognizable brand.

This isn’t the first time that Demna Gvasalia has reworked or re-purposed a recognizable logo to complement a product line it’s introducing. Gvasalia and his brother created the Vetements brand-name. In a scenario of a so-called hijacking of a recognized brand, Gvasalia dressed catwalk models in DHL logo tee-shirts. Designers are testing the limits as to how far they can go before they are involved in copyright and infringement claims. Céline, Louis Vuitton, and other respected name brands have released similar appearance market bags without incurring liability.

Formerly known as Justfabulous, JustFab is a leading worldwide online subscription fashion retailer. Justfab caters to women with the latest trends in shoes, handbags, jewelry, and apparel. Their merchandise can adapt to all personalities personality, giving our customers immediate access to the trends they love. FabKids, ShoeDazzle, and Fabletics are online subscription service brands

JustFab Inc. is the parent company of a conglomerate of online subscription service brands including FabKids, ShoeDazzle and Fabletics and Justfab.

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A person from the group of pro-incorporation backers wonders why Ski Holdings spent thousands of dollars opposing their petition to merge Olympic Valley with the northern iconic winter sports. That they had hidden interest and did not want the residents to make important decisions concerning the land. This is a non-viable decision just as their incorporation plan was according to the California Commission. Wirth and Ski Holding were opposing the deterioration of businesses and development in the Olympic Valley which would have been the results of incorporation. Andy thinks the plan was a recipe for huge disaster in the financial situation the Lake Tahoe offshore residents.

Taxes would rise; the transport and snow plowing among other development projects would be neglected. The worse situation would be the isolation of Olympic Valley from other areas in Northern America which have plenty of resources, unlike Olympic Valley. The situation was already bad considering the tough environmental conditions that have been witnessed in the area for four years. The ski business is rejuvenating now for a long time. The residents were facing a tough time, and incorporation petition came to toughen the situation. However, the good thing is that the area is experiencing showers and cold temperature earlier this winter season. Reno Gazette-Journal posted the great news.The backer of incorporation also withdrew their petition, and Olympic Valley is now exercising healing from all those problems.

Andy, a short name for Andrew, is an expert in promoting quality in his development plans. When he was against the petition most definitely he did not see the plan adding any value to Olympic Valley. At the age of 52 years, Andy is the Chief executive officer of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings LP and a chairperson of the Lake Tahoe-Reno Airport Authority board. He joined Squaw Valley in 2010 and has an over 15 years’ experience with management resorts and mountain hotels. He also worked with the Tahoe Airlines in connecting the resorts with the airport and managing the whole process. Andy Wirth works very hard in all his endeavors to promote quality. His current project the base to the base gondola is a proof of his efforts to promote development in Olympic Valley. Andy appreciates the residents of Squaw Valley and wants them to be part of this great construction project.

Wirth studied Bachelors of Science but has been in the resort sector for long. He is also practicing philanthropy together with his team known as iron steam. His current donation is to Navy Seal Foundation a group that had a great impact on his health when he was recuperating from the deadly accident at Squaw Valley while skydiving. The accident hurt is arm so bad that it took him very long to heal. He is also an active person in outdoor activities especially as an undercover boss of Squaw Valley.