Jeunessse Global: Delivering Youthfulness, Inside And Out

Jeunessse Global is a company that has repeatedly delivered the gift of youthfulness to the customers who buy their products. The company first emerged as a wellness and lifestyle company when its founders Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis embarked on their journey of retired life. They, like so many other people in the world, wanted to regain their youthfulness in every possible way and wanted to be able to find something that would help people who want that similar hope. They decided to put together their expertise in business and entrepreneurship to the test and founded Jeunesse Global, and under it, came out with a wide range of products meant to boost the overall health of the body and mind.


One of the more defining factors that the Jeunesse Global system works on is the Y.E.S formula, which stands for Youth Enhancement System. This was a program designed by the company to deliver a holistic range of products that could help people who wanted to feel younger, inside and out.


One of the first kind of products that Jeunessse Global delivers is their skincare range. Wanting to look younger on the outside is one of the first thoughts that people have as they age, and the Jeunessse Global solution to that is their skincare line called Luminesce. This consists of a unique and comprehensive skincare range that works to deliver healthy and glowing skin. The brand takes this one step further and tries to also incorporate this into the makeup line that they have come forward with known as NV.


Feeling younger on the inside is just as important as looking young on the outside. Jeunessse Global, for that purpose, decided to release a range of supplements and boosters that could work to improve the body’s metabolism and help it stay healthy during this time. Reserve is one such supplement that Jeunessse Global produces that offers customers a unique blend of antioxidants and nutrients that are essential for the body to stay fit and healthy. AM/PM is another product that is meant to work on the body during specific times of the day.


Gregory Aziz Has A Great Success Story

Leadership, especially in the tough modern market means everything. When the company has a leader who knows how to take on challenges and handle all their responsibilities in the right way, then the company is always performing well and impressing the stakeholders in all its activities. When an institution doesn’t correctly choose its leaders, it can be guaranteed of frustrations and losses at the end of every financial year.


In the modern times, the market has been experiencing changes that were never present in the past. Companies are being forced to work extra hard and invest in making sure that it has all the executive team in the perfect order so that they can at least deal with the tight competition. There are millions of companies that are trying to compete and outdo each other. The companies that will emerge with great reputations are those who have great management in place. Go To This Page for additional information.


National Steel Car is never considered to a stranger in the market. The company has been getting so much attention in the American market because of the excellent machines it has been manufacturing and offering the customers over the years. National Steel Car has been in the Canadian market for the longest time, and it has survived tough financial times because of the people who run its top affairs. National Steel Car is currently shinning under the leadership of one of the most influential figures in Canada, Gregory Aziz. The company has been impressed by the performance of the businessman, and this is why they recently gave him the position of chairman.


Being the company CEO has its share of numerous challenges. National Steel Car chose to employ Gregory Aziz several years ago, and this was when the company culture changed for the better. Investors, clients and other people who have interests in the company have always been impressed because of the kind of results they have been getting since Aziz took the position of CEO years ago. Apart from being highly experienced in leadership and finance, Gregory J Aziz is very patient, and he does not rush to make any decision concerning the company. Gregory Aziz has also established his name in the Canadian market as a professional who knows his responsibilities so well.


Although his role is always associated with so many responsibilities, the businessman has never failed to impress the people who look up to him. Aziz has business interests in several organizations too. His life is considered iconic not only because of his success at the company he is stewarding but also his off-duty works of philanthropy where he and his wife are currently the sponsors of the Royal Agriculture Winter Fair. This is recognized as Canada’s prominent agricultural related fair.



The Master of Technology is no other than expert Robert Deignan

The technology business has gotten more exciting and more enhanced within the last 15 years. People rely on technology now more than ever these days. Robert Deignan is a business owner who can definitely vouch for the growth of technology because has been an expert in the technology business for almost 20 years. Passionately pursuing entrepreneurship, Deignan put his B.S. in Business Management to work. Three years after graduating he co-founded his first business called Fanlink. He wasted no time making sure he was involved in learning how to operate a successful business. He already had a dedication for technology as well as customer service.

Spending three years with Fanlink lead Robert Deignan into vice president at iS3 inc. iS3 is a software company which supports technological needs. This position allowed Deignan to expand his mind in the technology world even deeper. With all of this experience he was now in position to become the founder and CEO with his currently thriving company ATS Digital Services, LLC, which he started in August of 2011.

ATS employs experts in supporting cellular service including, activation, setup and repairs. For computer or tablet issues,once given permission, ATS can provide assistance remotely. That allows for the convenience of not needing to visit a store and not having someone to come to your house unless you request some physical hands on help. Deignan requires that any ATS customer receives exceptional service. ATS employees are equipped to handle difficulties and support any changes. As fast as technology changes ATS is sure to stay on top of it with the latest software and gadgets. Because of the services provided by ATS and the dedication to customers, Deignan was able to secure a partnership with AppEsteem. AppEsteem only partners with companies that have shown a great deal of superior support services in a software environment. Staying up-to-date keeps ATS running smoothly and he is living out his passion and purpose through technology

National Steel Car: Recruiting the Citizens of Hamilton to Work with the National Steel Car

The National Steel Car is one of the largest and leading businesses in Canada. Since Gregory James Aziz acquired the company from Dofasco, a lot of drastic changes started to happen within the company, benefiting the employees and the city of Hamilton. The National Steel Car was established in the city of Hamilton more than 100 years ago, and today, the company can still be found on the same place where it was founded – stronger and better than before.


The National Steel Car currently has thousands of employees working at its manufacturing department. Each of the employees has a designated place where they will be working, and so far, everyone has extensive knowledge of how a rolling stock is made. Because of the efforts of Gregory James Aziz, the number of rolling stocks that the National Steel Car can produce in a single year is now at 12,500. This figure is more likely to increase as the National Steel Car owner keeps on inviting the local people of Hamilton to work with the National Steel Car.


1The city of Hamilton in Ontario is a big city, home to more than 500,000 people. The citizens of the city consider the National Steel Car as one of the most reliable employers in the city, and a lot of native people from Hamilton wanted to work with the National Steel Car because of the benefits that they are providing to their employees. Recently, Gregory James Aziz greenlighted a job hunting program by the HR department, and when the day of the recruitment came, the HR department of the National Steel Car set up an application area in the city’s downtown district.


The National Steel Car was looking for 200 new hires, and hundreds of people showed up. What is great about the National Steel Car is that they do not look for an applicant’s experiences or skills. What they are looking for is an individual who is ready to learn and grow within the company. The National Steel Car is looking for 200 welders, and after profiling the applicants, they were briefed about what they will be doing inside the company. Read This Article to learn more.


The HR representative from the National Steel Car explained that they would be undergoing training for a few months, and they will be hired based on their performance during the training days. The National Steel Car wanted to make sure that only the best will be hired, which is why they wanted a training week to happen first.


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Talos Energy

Talos Energy Inc. is a gas and oil company that is independently managed by the experienced management team in both production and offshore exploration. The energy company acquires operated shelf. It also explores and purchases deepwater resources. It then uses trailblazing seismic technologies and innovative skills to optimize the acquired assets.

Talos energy was founded in 2012. It is located in Texas. It was created after building and selling off two other gulf companies by the same management. The two gas and oil firms had helped the management team make great profits.

Talos Energy purchased Stone Energy on May 10, 2018. This acquisition made Talos make headlines in social media and the entire public. During the same period, two renowned energy companies were closed, and McDermott managed to complete the deal that it had set with CB&I.

In other updates, Buckeye announced its cancellation of the Southern Gateway Open Season. The removal was possibly meant to indicate the completion of the project. At the same time, BP Energy partners are in the preparation to conduct a funds drive to raise money for a private equity fund. The cost of the private equity fund is estimated to be $475 million.

The following are some of the Texas Energy updates that have hit the headlines over the past and this week.

  1. Talos Energy Inc. completed its merger deal with Stone Energy Corp. the deal brought Talos gas and oil firm onto the public view. Formerly, Talos shareholders owned 63% of the merger assets, and Stone Energy controlled 37% of the total resources.
  1. McDermott was able to close its merger deal with Iron Company NV and Chicago Bridge. The deal was worth $6 billion. The agreement also took Iron Company NV out of the public markets. The latter had been making huge loses for years.
  1. BP Energy Partners, a firm that was under the sponsorship of Texas Oil Tycoon T. Boone Pickens, came up with a filling policy. The regulatory indicated that there was an underway another financing. The firm is planning to seal a funding deal of $475 million that should be raised soonest possible.

Stream Energy: Community Matters

Corporate partnerships are very important to success. Stream Energy understands that and knows that they are able to extend their reach through effective partnerships with other organizations. Stream is an energy company that sells discounted services to its customers. Stream has even created its own philanthropic organization that further enhances the company’s reputation for giving. Stream Cares has made a significant difference in the lives of many people in the United States. The company is located in Texas which is a great thing because it is changing the generosity rating of the state for the better. Stream Energy partners with the Red Cross, the Habitat for Humanity, the Salvation Army, and the Hope Supply Co. Each organization is known for helping those in need as well as for their fast response to natural disasters. One example of this is the tornado fiasco of 2016. Once the tornadoes hit the North Texas area, Stream energy quickly jumped into action to help. They utilized their partnership with the Salvation Army to raise money for the individuals who had experienced firsthand the devastation of the incident. Let’s not forget that it happened on the day after Christmas. Together they raised thousands of dollars for the event. Stream later doubled the amount raised which further helped them with the recovery of the businesses and homes that were lost. Corporate philanthropy is no doubt a part of the company’s foundation. Each example shows how important the community is to Stream Energy. It has enhanced their brand and paved a new way for businesses to make a difference. Another example is the Annual Splash for Hope event. Stream partnered with the Hope Supply Co. to give homeless children a great experience of fun. Stream Energy paid the cover costs as well as the meal fees for more than 1,000 children. The associates also came out and participated in the event. It was a great success and gave the children a day to meet new people and enjoy themselves without the stress of their circumstances. The Hope Supply Co. also served the families by providing them with

Dr. Mark McKenna and Helpful House Calls

Dr. Mark McKenna is a graduate of the esteemed Tulane University School of Medicine located in the Southern city of New Orleans, Louisiana. S. Mark McKenna is a person who does a lot of pondering. It occurred to him while he was studying that securing a solid living as a physician would be a major hassle. That thought is what encouraged him to take a career route that didn’t involve medicine at all. He finished his education in medical school in 1999 and did something totally different with his life. Dr. Mark McKenna set up a New Orleans real estate firm of his own. Things took a bad turn six years later after Hurricane Katrina took place. This disaster brought on significant and sudden financial headaches for him. He put the firm back together. He ended it not long afterward, though. He also made the decision to pack his bags and head all the way to Atlanta in Georgia. That’s where he launched ShapeMed. ShapeMed is the name of an office network that specializes in all varieties of cosmetic treatments. It specializes in weight guidance, nutrition support, laser hair removal and Botox injections. Dr. Mark McKenna made a major decision in 2015. That decision was to sell ShapeMed. The network was bought by a company that was called Lifetime Fitness.

He’s a doctor in his forties who is managing something totally fresh. This fresh project is known simply as OVME. The objective behind OVME is to give people in the United States access to medical facilities that have the support of a convenient app. This app is supposed to work similarly to Uber. OVME is going to have an app that lets people reach out to doctors who work on a freelance basis. People who want to be able to secure efficient and speedy house calls will be able to take full advantage of it whenever they wish.

Dr. Mark McKenna was an employee with a medical practice that was run by his dad for a while. He was employed there for half a decade. That’s the time he was setting up his real estate agency.

Why Aloha Construction is the Company for You

There are a whole lot of people right now who are using Aloha Construction because of the amount of work they have done for others. The problem with using other companies is that they do not have the recognition and awards that Aloha Construction has received. In fact, this company has recently been awarded with the BBB Torch Award, which is the absolute highest award any business can receive from this prestigious organization. It means that the company has received outstanding positive reviews and is found to be ethical and trustworthy. This is also why so many people are enjoying using Aloha Construction and finding them to be quite helpful.

There is a reason so many people are choosing Aloha Construction, and this is because this company is one of the best out there, which is essential for those who are going to be making use of this and knowing that they have a company they can trust. You will find that using the Aloha Construction company is easy, quick and provides you with the type of work that you need and want right now. Once you have made use of a company like this, it is just a matter of figuring out what is right for you, how to hire them and the type of work that you’re going to need to have done right now.

The reason this particular company is popular as it is is because there are so many things they can do for you. The most important thing to remember is that Aloha Construction is there for you when you need it the most. Now is the best time to consider this as a prime choice for your needs and then know that this is a professional who is right for you. Now is the perfect time to consider this as a viable option and know that this is someone you can trust right away with the type of work that you are going to need to have done at home and are not going to be able to do on your own because it requires time and patience.

Jordan Lindsey Creates Cutting Edge Technology To Simplify Forex Trading

Jordan Lindsey is a successful businessman and entrepreneur and has generated revolutionary concepts that create cutting edge technology to simplify the forex trading platforms. Forex trading is the largest and most volatile trading asset in the world. Over 5 trillion dollars of assets are traded daily within various platforms that generate tremendous gains and losses from the constant volatility of foreign currency exchanges. Jordan Lindsey has become one of the leaders in new technologies that specialize in simplifying and creating safe secure opportunities for individuals with a trade over Forex Trading platforms. Jordan Lindsey was educated at Mount Angel Seminary and St Joseph’s College. After his successful college career, he travels throughout South America doing various volunteer assignments and provided a lot of goodwill to individuals within various countries. In fact, he did work volunteering in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Mexico, and Argentina. Jordan Lindsey served in various leadership roles within companies that specialize in pioneering research and development in financial services and technology fields of study. Jordan Lindsey was a self-taught system architect programmer and begins testing new concept, innovations, and systems to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of financial service asset trading with new creative approaches. Jordan Lindsey is the Founder of JCL Capital a company that specializes in innovations such as the creation of the trading bot for cryptocurrencies that is 100% transparent and is currently used for lending programs. Jordan Lindsey has a personal philosophy that revolves around the contents of growing with failures. If you’re not expanding your horizons and launching out into opportunities that are not pushing the envelope in order to expand the current status quo and pioneer into trailblazing opportunities for advancement you are not growing. In fact, he states that failures are the best teachers and can lead to productive and efficient opportunities to grow and expand on the current knowledge and establish ways to avoid the pitfalls that caused the failure. The continuous growth and expansion of his mental and educational background propel Jordan Lindsey to leave an indelible imprint on the financial service technology industries and continue the advancements in technical cutting edge platforms.


Controversial Apraio Pardon Has Many Looking At Lacey and Larkin

The controversial pardon of ex-Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, added a lot of fuel to the fire of American social dissertation. Advocates and dissenters alike squared off over the decision, which was handed down by sitting President Donald Trump.

Many referred to the pardon as a gross miscarriage of justice, citing numerous travesties assigned to Arpaio across his 24 year reign. Chief among them were Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, two men who have a very jaded history with Joe Arpaio, a history that just will not die.

Michael Lacey was a college dropout from ASU when he founded Phoenix New Times, a counterculture independent weekly inspired by the Kent State Shootings. By the time Arpaio was elected in ’93 Jim Larkin had joined, and the duo had expanded the paper to a multi-million dollar conglomerate, spanning 17 weeklies, and stretching from coast to coast.

As Arpaio began focused on illegal immigration and began cracking down on the Latino community, his methods became more and more questionable. This is when they began to gain media attention, and the Phoenix New Times started to focus on Arpaio.

Soon the paper was hounding the Sheriff at every turn, printing articles that exposed various scandals, misuses of power, and misappropriation. Under Lacey and Larkin’s stewardship the paper focused on Arpaio when many other news sources did not.

Arpaio returned the focus by investigating the paper and banning its reporters from press meetings. It finally came to a head when Arpaio sent a series of grand jury subpoenas the paper’s way, and Lacey and Larkin printed one under their combined byline. Arpaio had them arrested and jailed for 24 days.

The arrest sparked outrage, and eventually led to a wrongful arrest settlement that netted the newsmen $3.75 million dollars. They turned around and used the money to create the Frontera Fund, an organization that supports Latin-American groups across Arizona in an effort to stem discrimination. It was here the saga mellowed, as Lacey and Larkin sold Village Voice Media in 2012. Read more: Daniel Taub | Wikipedia and Daniel Taub | LinkedIn

Now the duo has returned with Front Page Confidential. Front Page Confidential is an online independent news source printing counterculture articles that uphold the First Amendment. Headed by Lacey and Larkin it came online mid-2018. In the wake of Arpaio’s pardon the two newsmen are more than ready to focus on his Senate run as passionately as his tenure as Sheriff.

President Trump’s focus on tougher immigration laws has the stage perfectly set, and the Latin-American community will need a voice as the situation gets hotter. They will find that voice in Front Page Confidential as Lacey and Larkin continue to advocate for their cause.