How Glen Wakeman Mentors a World of Entrepreneurs

Over the last three decades Glen Wakeman has proven to be one of the country’s top businessmen. His work in the corporate finance industry has made him well known in the business world. And, through mentoring other budding entrepreneurs, he has increased his influence and used it to better the nation.

Glen Wakeman offers leadership and inspiration to countless entrepreneurs every day. Through podcasts, videos, blogs and social media, he imparts the wisdom he has gained over the last thirty years. He answers the big questions, as well as the small ones that can add up to make or break a new business (

To further assist entrepreneurs in their endeavors, Glen Wakeman developed LaunchPad, which is a software platform that helps people take their dream of entrepreneurship and make it a reality. The platform helps these individuals to work through all of the myriad of details and steps it takes to launch a business and become successful quickly.

In addition to guiding entrepreneurs in launching a business, he also provides guidance throughout the first months and years of business ownership and management. This includes financial knowledge and tips to find capital and funding for launching and maintaining a business through it’s formative months and years.

Glen Wakeman doesn’t just provide the brass tacks of business ownership. He also inspires business owners to reach for the stars in every way. He encourages business owners to participate in their communities, volunteering time and resources. His goal is not to just help people make money, but to build strong communities and help them become truly successful.

Through LaunchPad Holdings, Glen Wakeman has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs launch their businesses successfully, contributing to their communities and building on their dreams. With the added support of his digital media and social media efforts, those interested in becoming more successful can greatly benefit from his wisdom and knowledge.