Try Equites First First

You might own stocks and bonds or some other type of equity that is traded on the stock exchanges. At the same time, you might be trying to get a loan for your business.

Did you consider an equity loan? Yes, it is possible to use those equities as collateral for a loan. If you own a business and are in need of immediate cash, an equity loan would be of particular value to you and more information click here.

If you try a conventional lender, you will find that they have a myriad of regulations that pertains to equity loans. They will need a financial statement from you, and a business plan to let them know the purpose of the loan. On top of that, they can only lend a small loan to value ratio, at a very high interest rate. Even worse is the fact that there is some government regulations that tell them which equities they can take as collateral.

That kind of defeats the purpose of the ’emergency’ loan, right? It will be at a high interest rate, with low funding for a lot of value.

Try First Equities US. They will lend at a ratio as high as 80% of the value of the equities, unlike conventional lenders.

They will not ask the purpose of the loan, and they do not want a business proposal. Their interest rate is much, much lower than conventional lenders. They are a private company, not a bank or conventional lender. They are not subject to the same regulations as conventional lenders and contact the company.

Now you see where Equities First US got its name. Try them first!

Charismatic StoneCastle CEO Stephen Rotella Foresees Sweep

Banking is the critical factor to America’s stalwart business status. A sound system of integrity and quality leads this nation to the finite forefront of financial finesse. This unique situation is what allows bold businesses to flourish. Given a financial constant, businesses can focus on the key components which differentiate themselves from their competitors and peers. Thus, investment banking is the essence of the spirit driving capitalism to create.


So when financial firms like StoneCaste push the envelope, a beautiful compounding effect enhances business exponentially. Recently, StoneCastle acquired Intermedium’s insured deposit sweep system. The intuitive acquisition includes the InterLINKTM FinTech platform, and related technology. The purchase solidifies StoneCastle’s status as an institutional investment leader, and represents the firms forward-driving mentality.


StoneCastle is a company foundational focused on technological solutions, so this purchase bolsters this capacity. According to Stephen Rotella, StoneCastle CEO, this technology will “add significant value” through efficiency based innovation. Rotella is bold in his rhetoric, promising to bring solutions which will stun the market. Forward thinking is the name of the game.


Rotella cites pending SEC and DOL regulatory reforms as an integral factor coinciding with the sweep technology acquisition. He believes that now is the time to cement the status of StoneCastle as current opportunities are “historic”. John Marshall, a managing member of the private equity firm that owns Intermedium, is ecstatic regard the purchase. Marshall sees StoneCastle as “vibrant” and “prudent yet ambitious”. This is a beautiful medium in the banking business, sure to inspire achievement (and ensure stability).


Stephen Rotella brings an immense amount of knowledge and experience to StoneCastle. He has been a president of Chase Manhattan, CEO of Chase Home Finance, LLC, and Executive Vice President of JP Morgan Chase. Rotella’s roles have involved employment from day-to-day operations, oversight, and advisory capacities. Through employment in this range of leadership roles, his capacity to achieve innovation is second-to-none. StoneCastle has a unique foundation for a financial future, and is backed by banking stalwarts CIBC and Charlesbank Capital Partners. This firm status, in synergy with the bold leadership of Stephen Rotella, paves a world-class way.