Fortress Investment Group: The Direct Lending Venture That It Had Never Tried Before

There’s more to investment than just putting your money in different baskets, avoiding risk and waiting for your money to grow. If you’re not careful, you could risk all your money in unstructured investments and random betting. This is the reason that you have to get the advice or at least guidance of investment firms that have withstood the test of time. Fortress Investment Group LLC has been around in the business of investments since 1998, and so their financial insight couldn’t be better for any type of investment asset.

Dealstreet Asia Report

There’s so much happening in the fast-paced world of investment today, and it’s hard to keep up. Fortunately, we have an article about Fortress Investment Group found at Deal Street Asia to give us some perspective on what’s the latest both in the global investment world as well as with Fortress itself.

In a May 22, 2018 report written by the well-known finance writer Melissa Mittelman, we learned that Fortress Investment Group LLC is now opening itself to a whole new different level of investment asset, and it’s corporate lending. The dynamics of direct and corporate lending has always been a tough nut to crack, but with the core competencies of Fortress Investment Group in credit, asset-based work and diversified investments, it’s not hard to see Fortress going through with this new venture successfully.

It’s also added help that Fortress is now part and purchased by SoftBank Group Corp. With such collaboration and merging, it would be easy for Fortress to hit their target goals and gather enough trust and capital to pursue its ventures. Direct lending has already been on the radar of Fortress, but it has never planned out how it will go about it yet. Only when they have finally gathered the momentum and capital trust to do this did Fortress finally start to go about it in the realest sense.

The new investment program would not have to be that risky to begin with, if only for the fact that Fortress is already being helmed by new faces and leadership. For starters, Fortress has already put Josh Pack and Drew McKnight as the people behind the credit group unit of Fortress, with the strict supervision of Pete Briger, who is right now the firm’s credit head as well as Fortress co-CEO. Hidden Fortress: Behind SoftBank’s $3.3B buy of the asset manager

Fantastic Record of Success

This direct lending venture of Fortress would have to be a new path that follows the series of success of Fortress’ work history over the years. Investment performance has consistently been the strength of the company, and it is evident in its achievements and milestones since the firm was established in 1998. Fortress Seeks $2 Billion for Debut Direct Lending Pool

One highlight of such success that makes us excited of Fortress new venture in direct lending would be the one in 2002, when Fortress was able to launch the Drawbridge Special Opportunities Fund. Such success could easily be expected in the direct lending venture today of the firm. The level of dediciation of Fortress is still the same. Fortress pays $66M for SuperValu distribution center in Pompano Beach


Stansberry Research Bullish On Walmart

Stansberry Research was originally founded in 1999 as an independent investment research firm. They are currently headquartered in Baltimore Maryland and have offices in several states across America including Florida, Oregon, and California. The company specializes in investment research and helps to inform readers about potential investment opportunities around the world.

Stansberry Research releases investment advice on a wide variety of topics and just recently released an editorial piece about Walmart. During its fourth-quarter earnings report, Walmart had its stock value decrease by almost 10%. The reasoning behind this significant decrease in valuation was thought to be a result of a slow online sales. This was the largest fall in value for the company over the last several years. By the end of the week, the companies share values had fallen nearly 13%.

One of the analysts for Stansberry Research first recommended shares of the company in 2006 during October. People who followed his advice have doubled their money by this point and have even potentially made more. This is impressive at this time. Includes one of the worst financial crisis the nation has ever weathered. He closed his recommendation in 2015 is believed that the shares were finally overvalued. Following this closure, the share value for Walmart fell by nearly 1/3.

He has once again reversed this determination and is now recommending traders to begin purchasing the company’s stock value. As of right now, Walmart is projecting a 3% growth in revenue over the year, and it will more than likely increase more than that. Walmart is finally beginning to get a foothold in the e-commerce world. By staying focused on Walmart’s online sales figures only you miss part of the big picture, however. Walmart is one of the worlds largest retailers, especially in North America. Walmart is now able to deliver products from their online marketplace in less than two days to the vast majority of their consumer base. This is comparable to online shopping giant Amazon. Walmart has one serious advantage in comparison to Amazon, refer to Stansberry Research. Walmart has one of the largest numbers of retail physical establishments in the entire country.