Alexei Beltyukov, Russian Entepreneur

Russian entrepreneur and philanthropist, Alexei Beltyukov, is committed to helping Russian individuals and business succeed in the business world. In 2013, he started Endemic Capital, designed to provide start-up funding for Russian companies. In addition, he has formed several organizations with the goal of assisting Russian individuals interested in going to business school or starting a business.

Another of Beltyukov’s goals is to aid existing Russian companies who are struggling financially. He created A-Ventures Ltd for companies needing help. He also founded the Russian Alumni Scholarship of INSEAD. The purpose of this scholarship it to give financial aid to Russians accepted into the university. Beltyukov also serves as Vice President of the Skolkovo Foundation where he works with the Russian government. His role there is to award grants to start-up technology businesses and to entrepreneurs trying to expand businesses in the country of Russia.

Business and technology was not Beltyukov’s first experience in the business world. His career began in the medical industry. He changed his focus to business and attended INSEAD Business School where he earned an MBA. He still has a hand in the world of education as he serves as an observer at FORO Energy and is on the Board of Directors. In 2014, he launched SOLVY which is an online system that allows teachers and high school students to interact with one another from their homes. The system also allows teachers to monitor class progress. It provides feedback to help teachers gauge areas of instructional need.

Named as one of the most promising new companies in recent years, Beltyukov is the Chief Operating Officer of SOLVY. Educational technology experts believe SOLVY will bring many positive changes to Russian education. The system is designed to broaden students’ understanding in solving mathematical problems. There are no multiple choice questions. Students must solve problems and show their work. Students are encouraged to learn from their mistakes. This is a good example of the technology advancements and skills that has made Alexei Beltyukov such a success in business and in life.

What You Need To Know About Jon Urbana and Crowdrise

Pets make our homes such a beautiful place to live. It is quite unfortunate that some pet owners aren’t as good custodians of these wonderful animals as they should be. Research has shown that there is a steady and worrying increase in the number of common domestic pets being rescued and taken to animal shelters. Unfortunately, some of the shelters are sometimes so fully occupied that they cannot take in any more puppies. Others even have to put some of the animals down.

As an individual, it is simple to think, “I would love to help, but I already have a pack of dogs or a litter of kittens in my house”. However, there are other ways in which people can help these poor defenseless animals that deserve a home. This is the reason Jon Urbana has come up with a campaign to help raise funds for ARAS. As an individual, what you can do to help with this problem is simply log in to the Crowdrise fundraiser page and make your contribution. The contribution can be as little or as much as you would like it to be. All the proceeds from this campaign will go directly to the animal rights society.

About Jon

Jon was known by many and for a long times one of the best lacrosse players that Denver has ever had. He was the star of his high school team before he proceeded to play the game professionally. After he retired from active athletics, he ventured into business and some photography on the side, which you can see on his Instagram and Flickr pages. In the business community, he is now known as the entrepreneur who co-founded the Next Level Lacrosse Camp, an event that takes place annually in Colorado.

The main aim of the camp is to give an education, tips and guidance to the young lacrosse players. Jon’s vision when he was setting up the camps was to have a forum where the young and promising talent in Lacrosse would be nurtured and the Athletes taking part in the game would have opportunities opening up for them. Follow him on Twitter at jonurbana1; he’s truly an inspirational business leader and has some nice wisdom to share on a daily basis.


FreedomPop’s New Money

FreedomPop is one of the newer mobile service provider startups out there. It started in Los Angeles in 2012 as a means of offering customers with a way to access free cell phone service. Of course, offering customers with free mobile, texting and data service is not something that comes cheap. Without an infrastructure, the company buys out data from larger cell phone providers at a wholesale price and then divides it up to its clients for free, up to a certain point, and then has the customer buy chunks of data for a small amount of money if they want more. To do this, the company does need to raise funding, which it has done so in drastic form recently.

According to Fortune, FreedomPop recently raised $30 million in order to grow its business. When combined with the other two years of fund raising, the company has now raised close to $50 million total in just three years. With the excitement of possibly obtaining free mobile phone service, many customers are looking forward to the services growing and expanding outward.

The company buys its wholesale data from Sprint, which is similar to what other discount carriers do, the only difference here is that FreedomPop does not charge its customers to use the data. In essence, it is giving the product that is is buying up away for free. Those who decide to use FreedomPop may be able to bring their own cell phone into the company, or they can purchase one from FreedomPop. The company sells mostly refurbished Samsung models, which again is going to cut down on the price of buying and maintaining a cell phone service. With this kind of money saving option, the company looks poised to have more customers flock to the services it can provide.

Joseph Bismark: Use of Spirituality In Order to Enhance Business Success


Over the years, Joseph Bismark has been on both a successful business and spiritual journey. I believe he not only guides the people but also leading in every facet of their life. As summarized on the blog, We Don’t Love These Hogues, a successful business will lead you to a successful spiritual journey, as long as everything in balance brings peace and harmony. 
Joseph Bismark lived with monks in the mountains of the Philippines since from the age of nine until seventeen. His journey to the business world was different than most. It is my belief that everyone has the prospective of being successful. This belief, together with understanding that achieving a balance in everything is essential, is what has led Joseph Bismark to success. One of his biggest opportunities was being the managing director at Qi Group. Over the years, Bismark managed to infuse an aspect of social leadership and personal responsibilities into the corporate world.
It wasn’t enough to simply lead employees in a healthy lifestyle and service to mankind. Joseph Bismark felt that the whole company needed these philosophies. These values helped establish the corporate social responsibility branch of the Qi Group besides stirring the corporation to venture into the wellness and organic food markets. Later on, with the help of the company, they embarked on an ambitious plan to open the Quest International University Perak in Malaysia. The university equips students with research on global impact and comprehension of their effect on the earth and fellow human beings. 
The concept of success held by society is a state of being that is temporary. The real measure of success is found in helping others gain from one’s knowledge. Bismark shares knowledge by writing books and being a motivational speaker. His blog, Gems of Wisdom, is effected with the view to uplifting those struggling in the business world. I strongly believe that true happiness lies in understanding of our real identity as spirit souls and not the physical body.
Everyone has the potential of making it in life through doing extraordinary things.

Patton Oswalt Dreams Up an Unbreakable Sequel

Superhero movies are all the rage now, but in 2000 they were virtually unheard of. Aside from the Batman franchise from the 1980s and 90s and the Superman movies from the 70’s and 80s, what few there were always came out as a stand alone movie. This trend included M. Night Shyamalan’s Unbreakable, a fan favorite of the people over at Amen Clinics.

Actor and comedian Patton Oswalt thinks that is a shame. In a story reported here he has laid out what he thinks is the perfect story lines to turn the film into a trilogy. He says that it is not too late to turn this into a franchise to rival any of the big superhero releases out there. He might not be wrong.

If they were to do something of this sort it would not be hard to believably reunite the cast. Bruce Willis, who starred as the hero that discovers that he is almost invulnerable, looks almost the same now as he did in 2000. Samuel L. Jackson has proved that he has no problem doing superhero and sci-fi films. Putting him back into the role of the extremely brittle boned mentor and arch enemy would only make sense. Unfortunately for the rest of us, right now it all only exists in Patton’s mind.