Adam Milstein on future Jewish leaders

According to the teaching of the Jewish history, it takes great leaders to lead a country through challenges. Israel is a country that stands strong today because its leaders were determined to see it become a solid nation amidst all the hate sponsored by its neighbors. In fact, Israel is the only country in the Middle East which practices western democracy. Other countries which surround the country are Muslim-led and do not subscribe to the democratic rule. Some of the countries here are led by dictators who support the activities of radical Muslim.

Back to the Israeli leaders, David Ben-Gurison, Chain Herzorg, Golda Meir, and Henrietta are some of the Jewish leaders who have left a huge mark in the history of the community. They stood strong when the community was going through major challenges and saw the country emerge victoriously. It is through such leaders that we still have Jews living in the Middle East. Otherwise, the hate from the neighboring radical Islamists would have driven them out of the region. To them, Jews are colonizers.

With that being the history of the community, going into the future, the community deserves to be supported by other great leaders. The challenges facing the Jews have not in any way gone down. There are still major problems that the community faces. Anti-Semitism is the major problem, and any great leader of the Jewish community must focus on fighting this vice. Also, the country needs a leader who will stand firm in times of pressure and defend the country with all might.

Adam Milstein, an author with Jpost, claims that, for the nation to have influential leaders in future, it needs to invest in the young generation. The young Jews of today will be the leaders of tomorrow. If they are not encouraged to stand and defend their community in times of tribulations, then the country will be at risk of being taken over by radical groups. Adam Milstein is supporting various initiatives aimed at mentoring the young Jews and teaching them about their history. By giving them lessons and motivating them, Adam Milstein believes the young Jews will grow up proud of their nationality.

Adam Milstein is a philanthropist and a community leader in the Jewish community living in the United States.’s-200-Influential-Philanthropists

Youtube Star Wengie Shows Us 12 Life Hacks Ever Lazy Person Should Know

Adorned in her signature cat ears and neon-colored hair, Wengie, the Youtube star famous for her clever life and beauty hacks, brings us “12 Life Hacks Every Lazy Person Should Know.”


Feeling too lazy to cook a huge meal? For those times in life when you’ve got to eat and don’t feel like making a mess and spending hours over a stove, Wengie provides us with one-minute meals you can make in the microwave. Not only are they super fast and easy to make, they’re also vegan and incredibly nutritious. Being lazy has never been so good for you!


Wengie shows us how to make her version of pizza in a mug, which is surprisingly delicious and filling. Using beans instead of dough, mushrooms, tomato sauce, vegan cheese and Italian herbs, the ingredients are layered in a mug and microwaved for one minute. That’s it.


For dessert, she gives us a vegan chocolate cake in a mug. The ingredients are similarly simple and mess-free, and the cake comes out as moist and rich as any cake made by more conventional methods.


The lazy meter climbs to eleven out of ten when she shows us how to make a chip bowl by scrunching down a bag of chips. And for that horrific moment when we want to eat a yogurt but don’t have a spoon, she teaches us how to make a DIY spoon with the peeling yogurt lid.


From there, we discover even more ingenious hacks, which include ironing your clothes with a hair straightener, face-timing your oven with your laptop camera while you’re cooking so you don’t have to check it repeatedly, and using your cell phone as a television remote control.


Hate doing dishes? Wrap a plate in cling film, eat, peel the film off, and never wash a plate again. Craving popcorn, but don’t want to clean up an over-sized bowl afterwards? Put your hoodie on backwards and put the popcorn in the hood, now facing front.


Is someone counting on you to get the chores done, but you just don’t have it in you? More devious hacks include playing a vacuum sound effect on your cell phone and placing a print-out of a kitchen sink faucet at the base of the sink.


Lastly, Wengie shows us an extremely clever way to hang your iPad on any vertical surface, so that you can watch your favorite shows from literally anywhere.


Thanks to Wengie, being lazy has never felt so rewarding.